Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Working from home.

Normally I don't blog about work. But today I have nothing to talk about with the exception of complaining.

I love spending the extra time with my daughter. I would go to work part-time if I could. But today was especially tough because every time I got on the phone (and today it was a lot more than usual) she decided it was time to start talking to me as well. Or cry. Or yell. Or scream.

Normally I am not on the phone that much, but it did teach me one thing. I can't work from home if I have a job that will require me to be on the phone for the majority of the time I am working.  Today was tough.

I would probably feel better if my husband brought me some flowers.
Specifically these ones:

Monday, January 30, 2012

End of the Month

It's the end of the month and I haven't lost any weight.  I need some motivation.  I need some ideas!

I found this article this morning, it does help a little bit:

I used to love watching this show while I was on the treadmill. But then it started to run really late, and I needed to go to bed early, so I stopped watching.  Maybe I just need to buy a treadmill?  But then where would I put it?  As soon as it's warm enough I'll get out the bug net and start walking with Zoe.  I know that will help, but until then, what should I do?

Someone challenge me to start playing my new dance game tonight...that usually works for me.  Challenges.

Hey TC.....  :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bonus Post: Free College Education

This is no joke.  Do you know any high school seniors?  Or maybe a junior or a sophomore who may not otherwise afford college?

Check out the yahoo article.  Knowing what I do now about college loans, I would encourage any high school student to apply.  I'm almost attempted to apply!

College could be fun all over again...too bad I'm over thirty, I would be the old lady. haha


No words needed.  Saw this on Yahoo today:
You can click on the picture to view it slightly larger.  Isn't the earth beautiful?  Let's take care of her!

By the way, the other night...I didn't do 16 "laps" on my stairs.  Didn't do it last night either.  And guess what?  I was all set to watch Vampire Diaries and that wasn't on either!  I guess I need to pay better attention to tv schedules because I was all set to watch Glee on Tuesday and that didn't happen either!  grumble grumble...American Idol...grumble grumble.  They showed the same auditions episode that they just showed after all the football games on Sunday!  C'mon a repeat?

I think all of my shows are on next week...and my plan is to do the stairs during commercial breaks.  Not sit on my butt like I did this week.  Have a good weekend everyone!  Do something active!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wicked Hemp Shoes

Yesterday I talked about supporting your local business.  Today I am going to give you a specific example of why I like to support (small) local businesses.

A few months ago I walked into my new favorite store in my town.  It's a consignment shop for children's clothing, but they also sell new items as well.  Usually the items they sell are hippie tree-hugger, earth-friendly type of stuff.  Which is exactly the kind of stuff I gravitate towards.  I am not the best tree-hugger.  But I am a practicing one.  I'll get better in time.

So anyway, I walk into this store and before I can get more than 10 feet into the store, I see a display of shoes.  And my eye is immediately drawn to a neutral colored pair on the top of the display.  I instantly loved these shoes.  This doesn't happen with me very often.  Then I saw that they were on sale!  BONUS!
Quickly I scanned the display, did they have my size!?  They DID!

Check them out:

I get a lot of compliments on these shoes.  They are very comfortable and they look nice enough that I can wear them to work in my casual work environment.  We can wear sneakers at work, but these look slightly better than sneakers don't you think?

Want to see them on the company's website?

It turns out the people who make the shoes are local!  (I probably should have guessed by the use of "Wicked" in the company name.)  So not only were they made from hemp (a soft product I enjoy wearing in t-shirts as well), they were local, AND they were cute....AND they were on sale.  I had to get a pair.

I have even been walking in a bog with them.  I had to walk through a few puddles.  My feet stayed dry.
These shoes are awesome!

What was the downside?  Well, for all of you pessimistic readers, my downside comes with a silver lining.  I started wearing these shoes every day and before I knew it, one of the laces on my right shoe became frayed from being pulled through the holes for the laces.  And then the next thing I knew, it snapped.

Now I could have gone out and purchased any ol' pair of laces for these shoes, but I wanted that "natural" look.  And, to be honest, I was a little disappointed that they broke so quickly.  Instead of being mad about it, I wrote a nice email to customer service at Wicked Footwear.  I simply explained what had happened and asked if there was a place I should go to purchase new laces or if there was a particular brand I should use.  (I also mentioned how much I loved the shoes, it never hurts to use flattery. :))

I got a very nice response back!  They asked me which shoe I had purchased and said they would check to see if they had replacements they could send to me.  They did have the ones I needed and a few days later I received my replacement laces in the mail.

And THAT is why I like to support local small businesses.  When you need personal service that goes above and beyond, you will always find that at a local business.  Do you think if I had purchased my shoes from Amazon that I would have gotten replacement laces?  (not to say I don't shop there...I do and often!)

So...bottom line, support your local business and check out Wicked Footwear when you have a chance!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Support your local....

Support your local it a farm, grocery store, gas station or toy store.  Do a little research, that chain coffee shop down the street might be owned by a local business person.  Find out some more information about that person, how do they support the community?

I really like supporting small local businesses.  Sometimes I pay a little more, but you can get more for your money as well.  I'll explain more tomorrow when I write about a local business that I recently dealt with.

For today, I leave you with this article about a neat thing that happened to a hardware store in Ohio:

And guess what?  Last night I did 15 "laps" on my steps.  That means I have to do at least 16 tonight!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I did it.

I did it.  As promised, I did stairs last night.

It was 10pm before I got to them.  And it was only 10 times. (going down, doesn't count, 10 times going up) But it was done.  Tonight I will aim for 11 (or more if I feel like I can do more).  Unfortunately Zoe just didn't feel like sleeping last night and Anthony was sick.  So the soonest I got to the stairs was 10pm. Ugh.

My plan tonight is to not only do those stairs 11 times, but to do some stairs during commercial breaks while watching Glee. :)  Anyone else watch this show?  Did you watch the reality show on Oxygen network last year?  The one where they get to audition for a part on Glee?  I didn't either, but apparently the new Irish character on this year's show is from that reality show.  He won a guest starring role for 7 episodes.  I'm actually disappointed because I really like this character and I was hoping he would be a new permanent character. :(

I think I might try to watch the reality show coming this summer though. 

Anyway, back to stairs.  My final goal will be to do 1000 steps/stairs.  This means I will need to go up my staircase 90 times.  I have a short staircase.  I think this is a good goal.  I am a long way off from it and now I have blogged about I have to do it.  Kinda like blogging about doing stairs yesterday.  Dani Do It.

What are you doing during commercial breaks?  Try to drink lots of water while watching the show, then at least you will get up to use the bathroom during the breaks. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Get up! Stand up!

Last week I talked about standing up more often.

And I talked about drinking lots of water.

Guess what?  If you drink LOTS of water, you then have to go visit the bathroom, a LOT more often.  Therefore, you remember to stand up.  See?  They go together!

And then if you are a lady like myself, you get to practice squats.  Okay, that didn't sound very lady-like.  I'm reaching here, I know that.  But every little bit of exercise counts.  I realized today that when I lost weight two years ago that the Patriots were out of the running for the Super Bowl much earlier in the season.

I believe that is directly correlated to my weight loss. :)  Because chips, dips, pizza, beer and brownies didn't help me last night.  The scale was not a happy number this morning. class tonight and stairs when I get home (I promise I promise!  I keep "forgetting" to do them.)

And this article to help you out.  It doesn't matter if you eat three times a day or six times a day.  Though in my opinion more often is better than one big meal.  It only matters how much (calories) you eat.  Which is true.

Eating more often for me just feels good and makes me feel like I am eating more.  Check it out here:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bonus Post

Love this:

More Weight Loss Stuff

Yesterday I wanted to talk about a few weight loss things but I got all uppity about the government's idea of useful spending of our tax dollars.

Did you miss it?  You can read it here:

Today I want to talk about a few things that may help you in your weight loss goals.  Me?  Haven't lost a pound.  Oh well.  Maybe these tricks will work for me too!  Earlier this week I read an article about standing up to lose weight.  There was a great article about how lying down to exercise doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  You can read it here:

It sounds good to me!  No more crunches!  From now on I'm going to tone my abs with dancing.  (seriously, I signed up for a belly dancing/african dance class and I found myself practicing body rolls while washing dishes last night.)

Feeling lazy?  Don't want to stand up?  Here is the article for you!

Not all of these tips are for everyone.  Some of them don't help you save any money for example, but it's a great guide for those of us who can't make weight loss a full-time or part-time job.  Like me.  I did before I had a baby, but now that I had a baby I just can't go to kickboxing for two hours every night.  It just doesn't fit my schedule.

And the last thing....drink LOTS of water.  (maybe while standing up?)  Not motivated to drink water?  Maybe you don't like water?  Try seltzer water or flavored water.  Just get that fluid in you.  Want to remember to drink more water?   Buy yourself a new cup or water bottle.  It's your new dedicated water container.  You will magically find yourself drinking more, just because you want to use it.  For example, at home I have a Butterbeer souvenir mug from the Harry Potter world at Universal Studios.  I drink water out of this all day long at home.  I also have a nice aluminum Sigg water bottle at work (I have three of these, I use them while working out, at work and for travel!)  And now I also have a new cup.  With a new lid.
Check it out:
It's a Tervis cup.  It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.  I have only tested cold so far, and it does work.  But I just like looking at it and using it.  Probably because I just want to live in a log cabin in the woods. :)  It isn't a cheap cup, but from what I hear, it's worth the investment.  They have a bunch of these at Bed Bath and Beyond if you want to check them out.

Another useful tip?  Use a water dispenser or get one of those 2.5 gallon water jugs at the store and put it on your counter.  Every time you walk by it or look at it, you will remember to drink water.

So go get yourself a new cup, drink lots of water, and spend some time standing around watching TV this weekend.  Like the football playoffs.  Go PATS! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Here I go...

I wasn't going to post about this today.  And I do try to stay away from some topics, but this one has me wondering where people's priorities are.

Tomorrow's blog post will be about what I wanted to talk about today.  But this just seems so much more important.

This morning on my drive in to work I heard a story on my news radio program about a person who is donating 7.5 million dollars to repair the Washington Monument.  I thought this seemed like an awful lot of money.  THEN I heard the other half of the story, this was a MATCHING donation.  What this means, is that the government budgeted 7.5 million to repair the monument if a private donor would match that amount.

What I want to know is.....if we have 7.5 million dollars to repair a building that doesn't house anyone, or provide medical services, or feed people....WHY ARE WE NOT USING THIS MONEY TO HELP PEOPLE?

What about the homeless?  What about the child going hungry tonight?  But let's go spend the money on a monument?  Here is my idea.  Tear the thing down.  Spend a couple hundred on a fancy plaque that says 
"Here stood the Washington Monument.  In 2011, an earthquake caused the building to be unstable and it was shut down to visitors.  It was decided that the building needed 15 million dollars worth of repairs.  In 2012, we decided to dedicate that money to feeding and sheltering our homeless instead.  This plaque is an honor of the sacrifice that this building made to help Americans."
If you agree with me, please forward my blog post to others and spread the word.  If you disagree, please leave comments.  If I am wrong about something here, please correct me.  Have I misunderstood this news story?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

37 Degrees

Real New Englanders think 37 degrees is warm.

I'm totally serious.  This morning I went outside to warm up my car.  I braced myself for the cold, arctic air.  I put on hat, gloves, and zipped up a big puffy jacket.  Then I stepped through the door and nearly tripped over my dog Oscar.  I was letting him out anyway, and normally he is well-behaved and waits for me to go through the door first, but this morning he was in a hurry.  He either really had to pee, or he knew something I didn't.

It was warm outside!

Seriously, it felt like the air was nice and warm!  It's also very windy and we have wind chimes and those things were not making pleasant tinkling noises...they were banging around warning us of a storm or something.

So I get to my car, turn it on to warm it up even though it feels like spring, and the car tells me it's only 37 degrees outside.  Wha...!?  I guess I'm a true northerner!

Two more things I want to leave you with for today.  There was an article on MSN today about signs you may live to 100.  I'm not concerned with living to 100, I have always said that if I make it to 80, I am going to eat pizza and drink beer every day.  I'm also going to fly down mountains on skiis or snowboard and I am going to do all the crazy things I want to do.  Because the best part about being elderly (from my young point of view) is that you get to be totally crazy eccentric and no one thinks anything of it.  How cool is that?
I got this view from living with my great-grandmother before she passed away.  My dad was always trying to get her to "live it up" and he would offer her a beer or go out to eat, but she didn't want to.  Then again, this could be why she lived until she was 93 and I am probably going to pass away at 80 and 1 month. :)

ANYWAY...back to my point.  I read the article and one thing really stuck out to me:

Clue #2 that you may live to 100 has to do with how far and how fast you can walk.  I think the point here is that we must keep walking.  It's the best exercise we can get.  Have you slowed down?  Start practicing, build yourself up slowly.  But go for a walk today, it may help extend your life!  (and it's healthy and it will help you lose weight blah blah blah)

And the last thing...just for fun.  I'm totally a mom, because I think this is hilarious:

I'm Elmo and I Know It

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inspired and Motivated!

Lately I am feeling inspired by my friends around me.  It seems as though everyone is taking steps to be healthier in the new year.  I have a friend who specifically wanted to bring vegetables to my football party this weekend.  I have another friend who joined Weight Watchers and has already lost 5 pounds!  I also have a friend who has lost 4 pounds!

And I have two friends who are wearing the BodyBugg along with me!

I haven't lost any weight yet.  But I haven't been trying too hard either.  Today my sister recommended I try doing the staircase in my house, like a 100 times.  It's a small staircase.  But the reason she recommended this is because she is the friend who has lost 4 pounds.  She is also doing some weights and some workout videos, but mostly she recommended it because she is training for a charity event!

Check it out:

She is going to climb something like EIGHT HUNDRED stairs.  So she is training for it.  And losing some weight!  A winner all around!

I have another friend who is going to run a half-marathon in New York.  I didn't even know this friend was a runner!  Her's is also for charity.
Check it out here:

I plan on doing two things to support them.  First, I'm going to get my butt in gear and "train" with them in spirit.  Those stairs are taunting me in my house...

The second, I am going to make a donation to each of them.  I am doing this to support them and also so that they might make a donation to support my family when we do our annual walk for Cystic Fibrosis coming up this May.

So get up!  Get moving!  Can't get motivated?  New Year's resolutions already falling off the way side?  Pick a charitable event like my friends and start training for it.  You will feel SO good that you decided to do it.  You will feel fit, healthy, strong AND you did something for someone else.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Want vs Need

Ever have a conversation where you say "this is the boat I want, but that is the boat I need."

No?  I have, my husband and I have this conversation whenever we pass a boat or two for sale on the side of the road.  But today I want to talk about something I want to do and something I need to do.

I want to exercise (no really!  I do, I want to do kickboxing SO BAD!).  But I need to work and take care of my baby and spend time with my husband.  I also want to take care of my baby and spend time with my husband.  So how do I work around this problem?

With a desk that doubles as an exercise machine!  Most are way too expensive, but this blogger found a relatively inexpensive one.  Think I can sell my desk at home and get one of these?

Maybe I wouldn't get that much exercise, but it would still be better than sitting on my butt all day right?  Of course, this doesn't work for people who have desktop pc's or for people who use multiple screens like myself.  I have been thinking about getting a treadmill or eliptical machine.  The problem?  I don't know where I would put it!

Want to exercise....sigh.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Twilight Barbies

I love how this blog post starts with "You didn't even know you wanted this until now."  Because for me, it's so true.  I LOVE these Twilight Barbies!

Though I think I would just like the Bella as a bride Barbie, because I just think the doll is beautiful.
So yes, I am still Twilight obsessed though I am trying to tame my obsession.  I did sell a few of my Twilight items.  But how can I resist this Barbie version of Bella in the wedding gown?  I think I can skip Edward.  It doesn't look like he sparkles, and I already have a sparkling version of Edward.  I'll just go find Ken's section at the toy store and pick out a Tuxedo for my Edward doll that I already have.

I need this version of Bella though for THAT DRESS!  How gorgeous is that dress?  I actually think it looks a little better on the doll.  (eek, don't hate me Kristen Stewart fans, but she needs to eat a few cheeseburgers.)

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a good weekend!  Go PATS!

And as a last hint, though I'm not sure my husband reads my blog...and if he does, he would skip this post because it's about Barbies....and he probably wouldn't read to the end anyway....these dolls are out in February.  Just in time for Valentine's Day.  Jus' sayin'.    ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm a Mom now.

My baby is sick, has been for a few days and today I needed to take some time off work to take care of her.  You can't go to daycare if you have been sick (either end of your body) within a 24 hour period.  So let's hope she doesn't get sick today so that she can go to daycare tomorrow and I can go back to work. :(

You know, she's 9 months old.  You would think that I would be used to this whole "motherhood" thing by now.  But every now and then, something happens and it occurs to you, yep, this is my new life.

Hopefully more (and better) posting tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tangled.....part two?

I don't know if I have posted about this, I feel like I have, but my new favorite Disney Princess is Rapunzel.  And guess what?  Her movie now has a sequel!  Sort of.  Apparently it's a short film prior to Beauty and the Beast which is being re-released in 3D.

I had no plans to go see Beauty and the Beast in 3D.   But now I might have to.

This is how Disney is tricking us folks!!  They made a killing with the Lion King in 3D, so let's see how much more they can make!  


I think their tricks are working on me though.

Monday, January 09, 2012


Wait, wait wait....I finally got caught up on Glee which means I can go back to watching it this season.
Did you miss my rant from before?   You can read it again here.


RICKY MARTIN is going to be on Glee.  SQUEEL!  Okay, okay, I know he has come out and all that, but when I was in college I literally stopped talking mid-sentence when I saw him performing in a music video.  I was in Thailand at the time and we put on their version of MTV for music all the time.  I have loved him ever since.

I can't wait to see him shake his bon bon.

(Sorry are totally allowed to drool all over some other hot celebrity that night to make up for this.)  :)

Friday, January 06, 2012

Down in the Dumps Eating

Okay, I think I want hot fudge sundaes and candy bars when I am feeling down.  (I had previously written that I wasn't sure what I did when I was feeling down)


I know that's wicked mysterious and not fair to write about it, but I can't really put into words anything for you right now.  I'm sorry...I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Shoes.

I told my sister yesterday that she was going to like today's post. :)

One hot topic for people on a diet is FOOD.  And specifically using food as a reward or of eating food when feeling down in the dumps.  I know that for myself, I tend to use food as a reward.  I worked hard today!  I deserve a pizza or a candy bar! 

I find that more often than not, when I feel good and happy I want food.  When I am down in the dumps, I don't know what I want.  I'll keep track of that next time, just in case it's more food.

So anyway...back to my subject.  New Shoes.  Instead of using food as a reward, try something else. Some people suggest something like new shoes or a scarf because it usually doesn't matter how much you weigh, these items will still work for you, no matter if you are fit or fat.  Only this doesn't count if you get pregnant because your foot size can change during and after pregnancy.  I fit back into my old shoes now that I am no longer pregnant, but sometimes I wonder if I need bigger sizes.  Or maybe it's because I need to lose about 20 pounds?  I guess I will figure out my new shoe size once I figure out my new weight/size.

Back to my subject.  Shoes.

Why not jewelry? (I love sparklies!)  Or a new video game? (any guys read my blog?)
Use what works for you.

But the whole reason I was thinking about this is because recently I bought myself a pair of new shoes and I wanted to blog about it, so I thought I better make it related to my current food/diet/exercise thing I have going. 

Why are new shoes a big deal?  Because lately (meaning the past few years) my only new shoes have been hiking type shoes, or sneakers, for FitFlops (love these!).  All flats.  All comfortable.

My new shoes....are hot....and sexy.

And I felt AMAZING when I put them on.  I no longer cared about my extra weight.  My new shoes ROCKED.  It's amazing that with a little bit of leather, a little bit of heel...and some buckles, can just completely change your confidence level.  The style of the boot hides the heel a bit, but it's about two inches I think.  Check them out:
I figure if I can lose just five pounds (or ten...or twenty) and put on a nice pair of jeans with a nice top...these boots and the new sparkly hoop earrings I got from my parents for Christmas....I'll be one Hot Mama.

So that's my first goal.  10 pounds.  I'm wearing the boots until then anyway.  I'm working on the Hot Mama part, until then, I'll just pretend and be Confident Mama.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Crazy Diet Fads

What is the craziest diet fad you have ever done?  C'mon, admit it, you have tried some crazy stuff.

Probably the craziest one I ever did was the grapefruit juice diet.  You basically drank a certain amount of grapefruit juice with every meal and there were a few other restrictions.  It was a protein heavy diet.  It was working for me, but I was using regular bacon instead of canadian bacon and I remember my cholesterol went up so I stopped.

But for the longest time I couldn't eat scrambled eggs without also wanting some grapefruit juice.  Unsweetened of course.  (yuck!)

Speaking of yuck... Want to know the best time to try foods you don't like?  Or at least eat stuff you know is good for you but you normally don't like to eat?  Cram in all your yucky veggies when you have a head cold!  You can't taste anything anyway! :)  Seriously, everything tastes the same to me right now.  Spinach and mushrooms versus chocolate cookies?  All tastes the same.  I can't even taste the difference between sweet and bland right now.  The one thing I can taste is salt.  Weird huh?

And speaking of weird...check out this article I read this morning:

I'm going to try the snacking with my non-dominant hand and the smelling of peppermint (or bananas or apples) thing.   As soon as I can smell stuff again.

Darn cold!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!  Back to regular blogging.  Whatever that means.  But it does mean no more thankful posts or themed posts.  Just me posting like I normally do.  Talking about stuff that no one really cares about. :)

Did everyone have a good holiday?   Remember my post about Christmas Cards?  Well guess what?  I went on to receive a whole bunch MORE cards! :)  That means that NEXT year everyone who sent me a card this year, will definitely get one.  I have kept a spreadsheet.  Think it's too late to get on next year's list?  Send me a card!  Go ahead, hit the 80% off clearance sales, pick up some cards for next year, and put one in the mail for me.  Anything I get before the end of January, I will add to my spreadsheet.  Go for it!

Didn't send me a card this year?  Unless you are my mom, grandmother or are now off my Christmas Card list.  We do photo cards, and they ain't cheap ya know!  (so go get your clearance cards and send me one now!)

So, new year!  new you!  Isn't that what all of the diet and fitness industries are saying now?  I do intend to follow the same path I did two years ago.  Two years ago I started a journey to lose weight.  Then last year it was interrupted when I became pregnant.  So now, I am back to losing weight!

Who's on board with me?  We will do it together!  I will post about my struggles and what I am doing (now that I don't have kickboxing OR a gym!  Yipes! how am I going to get exercise?!) and what I am eating (must have good habits, wait, make that GREAT habits, now that I am also sharing my food with a baby.).
You really don't know how bad your eating habits are until you decide to feed a baby.

Anyway, I was ready to kick start my journey and then two days ago I came down with a terrible head cold.  Yech.  So now I will wait a few days before I begin the exercise portion, but I am working on the portion control.  Now I just need to worry about my baby getting sick.  If I fill her up with orange juice and veggies she won't get sick right?  sigh....

I will also be wearing my bodybugg again, so as soon as my new arm band comes in (the other one was worn out) I will begin again!  (And I will post when I start wearing it again.)

So let's do it together, New YEAR, New YOU!

Okay, you can choose to eat chips and ice cream and read my blog and just watch ME do it.

Dani Do It. :)