Wednesday, January 18, 2012

37 Degrees

Real New Englanders think 37 degrees is warm.

I'm totally serious.  This morning I went outside to warm up my car.  I braced myself for the cold, arctic air.  I put on hat, gloves, and zipped up a big puffy jacket.  Then I stepped through the door and nearly tripped over my dog Oscar.  I was letting him out anyway, and normally he is well-behaved and waits for me to go through the door first, but this morning he was in a hurry.  He either really had to pee, or he knew something I didn't.

It was warm outside!

Seriously, it felt like the air was nice and warm!  It's also very windy and we have wind chimes and those things were not making pleasant tinkling noises...they were banging around warning us of a storm or something.

So I get to my car, turn it on to warm it up even though it feels like spring, and the car tells me it's only 37 degrees outside.  Wha...!?  I guess I'm a true northerner!

Two more things I want to leave you with for today.  There was an article on MSN today about signs you may live to 100.  I'm not concerned with living to 100, I have always said that if I make it to 80, I am going to eat pizza and drink beer every day.  I'm also going to fly down mountains on skiis or snowboard and I am going to do all the crazy things I want to do.  Because the best part about being elderly (from my young point of view) is that you get to be totally crazy eccentric and no one thinks anything of it.  How cool is that?
I got this view from living with my great-grandmother before she passed away.  My dad was always trying to get her to "live it up" and he would offer her a beer or go out to eat, but she didn't want to.  Then again, this could be why she lived until she was 93 and I am probably going to pass away at 80 and 1 month. :)

ANYWAY...back to my point.  I read the article and one thing really stuck out to me:

Clue #2 that you may live to 100 has to do with how far and how fast you can walk.  I think the point here is that we must keep walking.  It's the best exercise we can get.  Have you slowed down?  Start practicing, build yourself up slowly.  But go for a walk today, it may help extend your life!  (and it's healthy and it will help you lose weight blah blah blah)

And the last thing...just for fun.  I'm totally a mom, because I think this is hilarious:

I'm Elmo and I Know It

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