Friday, January 27, 2012


No words needed.  Saw this on Yahoo today:
You can click on the picture to view it slightly larger.  Isn't the earth beautiful?  Let's take care of her!

By the way, the other night...I didn't do 16 "laps" on my stairs.  Didn't do it last night either.  And guess what?  I was all set to watch Vampire Diaries and that wasn't on either!  I guess I need to pay better attention to tv schedules because I was all set to watch Glee on Tuesday and that didn't happen either!  grumble grumble...American Idol...grumble grumble.  They showed the same auditions episode that they just showed after all the football games on Sunday!  C'mon a repeat?

I think all of my shows are on next week...and my plan is to do the stairs during commercial breaks.  Not sit on my butt like I did this week.  Have a good weekend everyone!  Do something active!

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