Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Crazy Diet Fads

What is the craziest diet fad you have ever done?  C'mon, admit it, you have tried some crazy stuff.

Probably the craziest one I ever did was the grapefruit juice diet.  You basically drank a certain amount of grapefruit juice with every meal and there were a few other restrictions.  It was a protein heavy diet.  It was working for me, but I was using regular bacon instead of canadian bacon and I remember my cholesterol went up so I stopped.

But for the longest time I couldn't eat scrambled eggs without also wanting some grapefruit juice.  Unsweetened of course.  (yuck!)

Speaking of yuck... Want to know the best time to try foods you don't like?  Or at least eat stuff you know is good for you but you normally don't like to eat?  Cram in all your yucky veggies when you have a head cold!  You can't taste anything anyway! :)  Seriously, everything tastes the same to me right now.  Spinach and mushrooms versus chocolate cookies?  All tastes the same.  I can't even taste the difference between sweet and bland right now.  The one thing I can taste is salt.  Weird huh?

And speaking of weird...check out this article I read this morning:

I'm going to try the snacking with my non-dominant hand and the smelling of peppermint (or bananas or apples) thing.   As soon as I can smell stuff again.

Darn cold!


JoAnne said...

A friend of mine lost a ton of weight when she hurt her hand and had to do all her eating with the other hand!

I am going to recommend your site to a friend that is four months pregnant, like you, she just lost 30 or so lbs and then got the great news! She never got to maintain and now she is craving lots of crazy things. Maybe you can help her out, since you have been there.

Dani said...

I would love to offer advice and just an ear when needed to anyone who is going through what I went through.

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