Monday, January 23, 2012

Get up! Stand up!

Last week I talked about standing up more often.

And I talked about drinking lots of water.

Guess what?  If you drink LOTS of water, you then have to go visit the bathroom, a LOT more often.  Therefore, you remember to stand up.  See?  They go together!

And then if you are a lady like myself, you get to practice squats.  Okay, that didn't sound very lady-like.  I'm reaching here, I know that.  But every little bit of exercise counts.  I realized today that when I lost weight two years ago that the Patriots were out of the running for the Super Bowl much earlier in the season.

I believe that is directly correlated to my weight loss. :)  Because chips, dips, pizza, beer and brownies didn't help me last night.  The scale was not a happy number this morning. class tonight and stairs when I get home (I promise I promise!  I keep "forgetting" to do them.)

And this article to help you out.  It doesn't matter if you eat three times a day or six times a day.  Though in my opinion more often is better than one big meal.  It only matters how much (calories) you eat.  Which is true.

Eating more often for me just feels good and makes me feel like I am eating more.  Check it out here:

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Lana said...

Great idea! I have to tell you, though, that we Indiana Colts fans are not too happy about the Pats coming to town. Rumor has it Brady might be using Peyton's locker, which is on the brink of blasphemy in these parts. It's going to be an interesting two weeks, and most of us will be rooting for Peyton's little brother! Good Luck! ;-)

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