Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!  Back to regular blogging.  Whatever that means.  But it does mean no more thankful posts or themed posts.  Just me posting like I normally do.  Talking about stuff that no one really cares about. :)

Did everyone have a good holiday?   Remember my post about Christmas Cards?  Well guess what?  I went on to receive a whole bunch MORE cards! :)  That means that NEXT year everyone who sent me a card this year, will definitely get one.  I have kept a spreadsheet.  Think it's too late to get on next year's list?  Send me a card!  Go ahead, hit the 80% off clearance sales, pick up some cards for next year, and put one in the mail for me.  Anything I get before the end of January, I will add to my spreadsheet.  Go for it!

Didn't send me a card this year?  Unless you are my mom, grandmother or are now off my Christmas Card list.  We do photo cards, and they ain't cheap ya know!  (so go get your clearance cards and send me one now!)

So, new year!  new you!  Isn't that what all of the diet and fitness industries are saying now?  I do intend to follow the same path I did two years ago.  Two years ago I started a journey to lose weight.  Then last year it was interrupted when I became pregnant.  So now, I am back to losing weight!

Who's on board with me?  We will do it together!  I will post about my struggles and what I am doing (now that I don't have kickboxing OR a gym!  Yipes! how am I going to get exercise?!) and what I am eating (must have good habits, wait, make that GREAT habits, now that I am also sharing my food with a baby.).
You really don't know how bad your eating habits are until you decide to feed a baby.

Anyway, I was ready to kick start my journey and then two days ago I came down with a terrible head cold.  Yech.  So now I will wait a few days before I begin the exercise portion, but I am working on the portion control.  Now I just need to worry about my baby getting sick.  If I fill her up with orange juice and veggies she won't get sick right?  sigh....

I will also be wearing my bodybugg again, so as soon as my new arm band comes in (the other one was worn out) I will begin again!  (And I will post when I start wearing it again.)

So let's do it together, New YEAR, New YOU!

Okay, you can choose to eat chips and ice cream and read my blog and just watch ME do it.

Dani Do It. :)


Ronja said...

I don't have any kids... I don't have any pets... I don't even have a significant other... so I didn't send out a Christmas card because it would be pretty boring. Can I still get one next year because I gave you a cool present?

Dani said...

You definitely should find some of those funny/sarcastic holiday cards. :) They had some funny Dancing with the Stars ones at Target. Hehe, because you asked nicely, I'll keep you on my list.

JoAnne said...

Hey, be inventive.. like they say on this years Biggest Loser.. No Excuses... use paper clips, until you get the new arm band. No need to wait.

Hope you are feeling better today.

Chris H said...

Must go for walks at lunch!!!

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