Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I did it.

I did it.  As promised, I did stairs last night.

It was 10pm before I got to them.  And it was only 10 times. (going down, doesn't count, 10 times going up) But it was done.  Tonight I will aim for 11 (or more if I feel like I can do more).  Unfortunately Zoe just didn't feel like sleeping last night and Anthony was sick.  So the soonest I got to the stairs was 10pm. Ugh.

My plan tonight is to not only do those stairs 11 times, but to do some stairs during commercial breaks while watching Glee. :)  Anyone else watch this show?  Did you watch the reality show on Oxygen network last year?  The one where they get to audition for a part on Glee?  I didn't either, but apparently the new Irish character on this year's show is from that reality show.  He won a guest starring role for 7 episodes.  I'm actually disappointed because I really like this character and I was hoping he would be a new permanent character. :(

I think I might try to watch the reality show coming this summer though. 

Anyway, back to stairs.  My final goal will be to do 1000 steps/stairs.  This means I will need to go up my staircase 90 times.  I have a short staircase.  I think this is a good goal.  I am a long way off from it and now I have blogged about I have to do it.  Kinda like blogging about doing stairs yesterday.  Dani Do It.

What are you doing during commercial breaks?  Try to drink lots of water while watching the show, then at least you will get up to use the bathroom during the breaks. :)


Chris H said...

What are commercials? ;)

Lana said...

You are such a great motivator!

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