Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Shoes.

I told my sister yesterday that she was going to like today's post. :)

One hot topic for people on a diet is FOOD.  And specifically using food as a reward or of eating food when feeling down in the dumps.  I know that for myself, I tend to use food as a reward.  I worked hard today!  I deserve a pizza or a candy bar! 

I find that more often than not, when I feel good and happy I want food.  When I am down in the dumps, I don't know what I want.  I'll keep track of that next time, just in case it's more food.

So anyway...back to my subject.  New Shoes.  Instead of using food as a reward, try something else. Some people suggest something like new shoes or a scarf because it usually doesn't matter how much you weigh, these items will still work for you, no matter if you are fit or fat.  Only this doesn't count if you get pregnant because your foot size can change during and after pregnancy.  I fit back into my old shoes now that I am no longer pregnant, but sometimes I wonder if I need bigger sizes.  Or maybe it's because I need to lose about 20 pounds?  I guess I will figure out my new shoe size once I figure out my new weight/size.

Back to my subject.  Shoes.

Why not jewelry? (I love sparklies!)  Or a new video game? (any guys read my blog?)
Use what works for you.

But the whole reason I was thinking about this is because recently I bought myself a pair of new shoes and I wanted to blog about it, so I thought I better make it related to my current food/diet/exercise thing I have going. 

Why are new shoes a big deal?  Because lately (meaning the past few years) my only new shoes have been hiking type shoes, or sneakers, for FitFlops (love these!).  All flats.  All comfortable.

My new shoes....are hot....and sexy.

And I felt AMAZING when I put them on.  I no longer cared about my extra weight.  My new shoes ROCKED.  It's amazing that with a little bit of leather, a little bit of heel...and some buckles, can just completely change your confidence level.  The style of the boot hides the heel a bit, but it's about two inches I think.  Check them out:
I figure if I can lose just five pounds (or ten...or twenty) and put on a nice pair of jeans with a nice top...these boots and the new sparkly hoop earrings I got from my parents for Christmas....I'll be one Hot Mama.

So that's my first goal.  10 pounds.  I'm wearing the boots until then anyway.  I'm working on the Hot Mama part, until then, I'll just pretend and be Confident Mama.

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I want a picture of the hot earrings

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