Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wicked Hemp Shoes

Yesterday I talked about supporting your local business.  Today I am going to give you a specific example of why I like to support (small) local businesses.

A few months ago I walked into my new favorite store in my town.  It's a consignment shop for children's clothing, but they also sell new items as well.  Usually the items they sell are hippie tree-hugger, earth-friendly type of stuff.  Which is exactly the kind of stuff I gravitate towards.  I am not the best tree-hugger.  But I am a practicing one.  I'll get better in time.

So anyway, I walk into this store and before I can get more than 10 feet into the store, I see a display of shoes.  And my eye is immediately drawn to a neutral colored pair on the top of the display.  I instantly loved these shoes.  This doesn't happen with me very often.  Then I saw that they were on sale!  BONUS!
Quickly I scanned the display, did they have my size!?  They DID!

Check them out:

I get a lot of compliments on these shoes.  They are very comfortable and they look nice enough that I can wear them to work in my casual work environment.  We can wear sneakers at work, but these look slightly better than sneakers don't you think?

Want to see them on the company's website?

It turns out the people who make the shoes are local!  (I probably should have guessed by the use of "Wicked" in the company name.)  So not only were they made from hemp (a soft product I enjoy wearing in t-shirts as well), they were local, AND they were cute....AND they were on sale.  I had to get a pair.

I have even been walking in a bog with them.  I had to walk through a few puddles.  My feet stayed dry.
These shoes are awesome!

What was the downside?  Well, for all of you pessimistic readers, my downside comes with a silver lining.  I started wearing these shoes every day and before I knew it, one of the laces on my right shoe became frayed from being pulled through the holes for the laces.  And then the next thing I knew, it snapped.

Now I could have gone out and purchased any ol' pair of laces for these shoes, but I wanted that "natural" look.  And, to be honest, I was a little disappointed that they broke so quickly.  Instead of being mad about it, I wrote a nice email to customer service at Wicked Footwear.  I simply explained what had happened and asked if there was a place I should go to purchase new laces or if there was a particular brand I should use.  (I also mentioned how much I loved the shoes, it never hurts to use flattery. :))

I got a very nice response back!  They asked me which shoe I had purchased and said they would check to see if they had replacements they could send to me.  They did have the ones I needed and a few days later I received my replacement laces in the mail.

And THAT is why I like to support local small businesses.  When you need personal service that goes above and beyond, you will always find that at a local business.  Do you think if I had purchased my shoes from Amazon that I would have gotten replacement laces?  (not to say I don't shop there...I do and often!)

So...bottom line, support your local business and check out Wicked Footwear when you have a chance!

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