Friday, February 10, 2012

Congratulations Al Leverone!

Hey everyone!  Remember when I reviewed the book, The Lonely Mile by Al Leverone?

No?  Okay, go back and read my post here:

Then come back.

Okay, are you back?  Guess what?  It's now a best seller!  I'm so happy for him!
All right, so I have never met him.  But he is friends/former co-worker with my parents and it's almost as if we were friends.  I read his blog all the time and I like to think I could now call myself a friend of a best selling author.  That is SO cool.  (Have I mentioned a great uncle that writes too?)

So his stories are not usually what I like to read.  But, the thing is, once I start reading his stories, I can't put them down.  Yep, I get sucked in.  His genre not your thing either?  Give it a try...but maybe leave a light on, and you may not want to be alone that night...

Go read his blog post here:

I'm so happy for him!


Lana Wallpe said...

Cool! I'm not a thriller-type reader either, but one of my students is currently an up-and-coming writer, so I read a bit of his works. Shiver!

Dani said...

Seriously...give his a will be hooked!

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