Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Running!

What is one of the most common phrases a rambunctious kid will hear?

No running!  Walk, don't run!

We tell kids this for their safety.  But take a look at children playing.  If you don't already have some at home you may want to avoid this experiment because you will look creepy.  But just think about kids playing for a moment. They run, they jump, they leap and they play!

Everything is fun and games.  They race each other and climb things. 
And they constantly keep their hearts racing.

Now picture your day.  Do you run to anything?  Do you race your spouse to the couch?  How about your co-workers, ever race them to the cafeteria?  Dare your boss to climb his desk?

Probably not. :)

How about when you get home?  We move slowly and we never "exert" ourselves.  So this is the little trick I have been doing this week to kick start my weight loss bet.  I have been eating much better (smaller portions, healthy choices) and I have already seen a difference on the scale.  Yes, I am one of those people who gets on the scale every day.  I know you are not supposed to, but it helps me keep myself in check.  I'm not one of those people who will just give up because the numbers aren't budging.  I'm one of those people who will skip that extra serving or a cookie or a soda because I noticed the scale went up that morning.  I only "officially" record my weight once a week.

Anyway...back to what I am doing.  I'm eating better....and I'm trying to act a little bit like a kid.  For example, my driveway has a small hill.  When I go get the mail, I walk calmly to the mailbox.  (mostly because if a car was coming down the road and they saw an adult running towards the road it would probably scare them and they would worry, because adults not in running gear don't run anywhere.)  After I retrieve the mail, I RUN back up the driveway.  And then I "pounce" on the backseat where my daughter is waiting for me.  And then she giggles.  Probably because I look funny, but mostly (I'm hoping) because I am being fun. 

And I am doing other things like crawling on the floor with her.  Or dancing like a silly person in the kitchen because she likes to bounce at the same time I am dancing.  I want to add in more things like climbing (I think I want a jungle gym for my birthday) and jumping and dancing.  I think these little things could really add up.

And I totally did a few jumping jacks in my cube this morning.  I was the only one in the office and I got a few seconds of extra calorie burn in.  Sure, I looked ridiculous, but I'm trying to act like a kid.  And kids don't care. :)

Going for a walk today at lunch...maybe I can squeeze in some leaps and jumps.    :)


Lana Wallpe said...

You go girl! Every time I try to exert myself, I usually have to change my underwear ;-) I know Keegles or however you spell them! DO them NOW; don't wait until you are my age!

Dani said...

HA! Lana your comment made me snort out loud! :)

Advice noted and taken! :)

Chris H said...

Ha! I am totally setting up a camera in your cube! Good walks though!

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