Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pots and Wooden Spoons!

Today my mom told me about a friend of hers who was watching her grandson.  Apparently while my mom's friend turned her back for just one minute, her grandson managed to unroll an entire roll of toilet paper.

I can imagine the picture is pretty funny.  My mom commented saying something about how you can't buy the best toys at the toy store.  And she is totally right.

You know how they say to just give your kid a pot and a wooden spoon?  Zoe was very happy with a small metal bowl today for about an hour.  And she has been playing with a wooden spoon for a few days now too.  Anthony and I try not to spoil her (okay, Anthony is good at not spoiling...I'm the one trying not to) and we try not to buy too many things.  I have been picking up some of the best stuff on yard sale websites and thrift stores.  And then never forget the power of a free box.  I can't wait to make a fort for her!

I remember one that I had when I was little.  We played with it in the basement of our house. I think there were cut outs for windows and doors.  It's amazing how much fun you can have with a box.  Any other thrifty or crafty ideas for toys and entertainment?  I do like to get crafty....

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Kris said...

I remember once when my father bought a new refrigerator and I then turned the box into my new little house. It was AWESOME! I know exactly how you feel, I can't wait to built a little fort with Mak either.

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