Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Took the plunge!

Hey everyone...for a long time now I have been considering becoming a consultant for a skin care company that I really love.  It's something I have debated on and off for two years and recently started thinking about it more seriously.

I'm mostly doing this to feed my own habit.  I'm secondly doing it because I want to share the products with others and give them a way to get these products (can't get them in stores!).  I'm thirdly doing it to potentially get some additional income for my family.  But I will be honest, I don't think this will become my full-time job.  I do well in my current job, this is more for fun than profit.

I'm working on a google+ page and twitter feed for it.  I'm researching all the social media marketing tools I can to make this a success (plus I want to join some local fairs and stuff...).  I have a facebook group created for it (let me know if you want to be added to the group) and an email newsletter.  I'm debating a blog...let's see how many people are interested first.

If you want info, please let me know and which way you want your information.  Many choices! (email, facebook group, google+ updates, etc).  Here is the website:

Thanks for reading...more blatant self-promoting coming soon! haha.
Tomorrow I plan on writing about how my diet is going (well!) and things I am doing this week to help me lose some weight.  Anyone else trying to lose?  How is it going?

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Marybeth Feutz said...

I was just wondering about this the other day, thinking that I needed to remember to ask in my next (long-overdue) email. Good to hear you're doing it!

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