Friday, February 17, 2012

Will I ever learn?

Even when we know things are bad for us, we still don't stay away.

Like eating junk food when you are supposed to be on a diet. We will eat it even though it sabotages our diets.  What I am wondering how sick will I have to get before I realize I should not be eating something I am allergic to!?

I gave Zoe some pear slices for lunch and when she was done, and she had not eaten them, I took it upon myself to eat them for her. (they were going to go bad!)

I probably should have fed them to Oscar because now I feel awful even though I took some benadryl.  On the other hand though...who is allergic to PEARS?  Yep.  Me.  I am allergic to pears.  Along with a host of other fruits and veggies which makes going on a diet and losing weight a real pain in the ....

Anyway, speaking of diets, tomorrow is my first weigh in for our weight loss bet.  I may have to eat some extra food today, really pig out, so I can have a few extra pounds on the scale to help me lose a lot in the beginning...haha.

Just kidding!  Or am I....

Happy Friday everyone!


Jent said...

Good luck - I suck at dieting and exercise so I am working on accepting in inner fatness!

JoAnne said...

That's like cheating!

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