Monday, February 20, 2012

Wubba and Wubbanub

Am I speaking some crazy new language?  Nope.  I am stating the names of my "kids" favorite toys.

First up, my fur-kid, Oscar.  This is one of his favorite toys:

This is called a Wubba. It's a toy that looks kind of like an octopus. Oscar loves it. He has two, one is missing it's "kong" from the inside. I can't remember if the blue one squeeked, but the purple one does. Even with the blue one missing a major part, he still loves this toy.

Up next, one of my daughter's favorite toys:
This is called a Wubbanub. It's a pacifier, attached to a little beanie stuffed animal. She has had it since she was just a month or so old. And she loves it.

Isn't it weird to have such similar named toys for your dog and your baby?



Tara said...

Felicia loves her wubbanubs, she has a pony and a dragon.

JoAnne said...

Ok, you made me do it. I bought Dunkin a Wubba!

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