Monday, March 26, 2012

Motivational Monday - Goals

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope everyone is feeling motivated to get their goals accomplished this week.  I have a lot on my plate but I'm really looking forward to everything I have to do.

My weight loss is....stalled.  I was bound to hit a brick wall at some point.  I believe this is the exact same spot that I stalled in the last time I was trying to lose weight.  I'm hoping to finally get that treadmill (got a free one!) in my basement this week and I can break my plateau!

I'm still working on a name for my new website/business...please feel free to contribute ideas.  I want to start a computer support/questions website that is family-focused.  Where moms and dads can ask computer questions, especially items related to parental controls and the best computer for their child.  We will learn together as my daughter grows as well.

Lots to do this week....I need to clean the house and prepare for Zoe's first birthday party (whoa! been a year already?!).  I'm also going to be a vendor at a big event for NYR Organic.  Lots of projects at work right now too.

What are you goals for the week?  Are they written down?  Will you reach them?

I have been hungry all day today...that makes it so hard to lose weight!

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