Monday, March 05, 2012

Motivational Monday

Anyone out there love Mondays?  Anyone?

Two people on facebook this morning (I know, I know, I'm addicted to that mom's group and now I have new mom friends now and....stupid....grumble...facebook, sucked me in.).

Okay, let me start over.  Two people on facebook posted this morning "oh Monday".  I feel their pain, Mondays are tough and Mondays usually make you wish for longer weekends.  But instead of letting Mondays get me down, I am going to use them to keep me motivated.

How?  I am going to start a regular feature on my blog called "Motivational Mondays".  I am inspired by Alarm Clock War's "Remodel Mondays" and other blogs that do Wordless Wednesday.  Every Monday I am going to write about motivational topics or an inspiring quote or what I plan on doing that week.  I think that I will use Mondays as my kick-off to a great week of accomplishing things.  I tend to use Sunday evening to make a mental list of what I need to do anyway.

The other reason I got this idea was because I wrote a few emails to my friends doing the weight loss bet with me this morning.  I sent them pictures of my star chart:
And I recapped our goals and encouraged one friend not doing so well...that they can do this.  They HAVE this, I know it.  I want us to reach our goals.  Sure, it would be nice to win some money and have bragging rights of being a two-time winner. (hehehe....TC, game is ON!) But I want to celebrate with my friends when we reach our goals.  The bet is two-sided.  It's a bet with competition to keep us going, but it is also supportive.  We all want to win.

So what are my goals this week?  What do I want to accomplish?
1. I would like to lose 2 more pounds this week.
2. I would like to find a used (cheap) treadmill this week.
3. I would like to come up with some names for a possible side business of computer repair and social media assistance for small local businesses.

Scratch that, instead:
1. I WILL lose 2 pounds this week.
2. I will search for a treadmill this week.
3. I will write down name ideas for the new business.

Too bad I can't just use Dani Compute It.  But that sounds kind of nerdy and weird.  Not very professional.

Anyone else have goals for this week?  Right them down, get them DONE!  You can do it!
I'm a big fan of To Do lists, can you tell?  Must have been all those chore charts from growing up...
Thanks Mom!


Marybeth Feutz said...

Good job writing specific, measurable, attainable, realistic (but challenging), and time-bound goals! Just writing them down is the first step to getting them done! For names for your business, use this week as brainstorming. Write a bunch of stuff down - anything that comes to mind - and, well, RUMINATE on it for a bit. (ha! self-promotion myself! You might be surprised what you come up with after a few days of looking at (and sleeping on) your brainstorming list. Good luck!

Dani said...

Awesome tips! Thank you!
And I am going to go fix my post so that it links to your blog, since I did mention it. :)

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