Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Friday, Friday...

Do you have that song stuck in your head now? :)

Don't know what I am talking about?  Go ahead and listen to it here:

Hate me now?  Now here it's Friday and I am again reaching out to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.  In previous years the money raised helped get a new drug approved by the FDA for treatment.
Read about it here:

Your money last year directly impacted children with Cystic Fibrosis!  Every dollar you donate this year will do the same.  You can donate as little as one dollar and you will totally make my day.

So what do you get for your donation?  Well, I had set myself a lofty goal of raising $1000.  And I am no where near that goal.  And I have just a week and two days to raise that amount.  Since I haven't even gotten halfway there, I don't think I'll make it.  Booooo!

I had promised that I would post pictures of Zoe at the zoo this year on my blog if I reached my goal.  Since it looks like I won't make it, I am instead promising a personal email from me with a picture of Zoe at the zoo, sent right to your inbox!  Each person who donated will get one.  Just no public pictures unless I reach that goal.

And if you want a REAL photo, like a photo you can hold in your hand, just ask for one, and I will send you one of the real mail.  Old-fashioned-like with the post office.  Who doesn't love getting something in the mail that isn't a bill?  I LOVE getting mail. :)

So if you could please donate, here is the link:
And if you would like to make me remove the annoying video at the top of this post....send in a donation and if I receive two donations today, I will take it down. :)  Donation amount does not matter.
And don't forget that if you support my charity...I'll likely support yours as well.  And by the way, support counts as just spreading the word, sharing my blog post etc.  If you can't donate, at least help spread the word.  

One more thing...check out my sister's blog today:

A NYR Organic Purchase before the end of April will benefit CF as well.  But you should just check out my sister's blog anyway.  She writes about beauty products and some GREAT advice. :)
Thank you so much!   

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mommy Wars - My two cents.

I am going to talk about something slightly controversial today.  The Mommy Wars.

It's all over the news and the radio, and it's an old topic.  It's mostly about the choices women make when it comes to our lives.  Be it personal, professional etc.  Some people like to pit SAHM (Stay at Home Mom's) vs Working Moms.  There are many different names for them both.

Here are my brief thoughts on this.  One, our mothers (and their mothers and so on) made the "feminist" choices and advances they did so that we would have a CHOICE.  Not so that we could try to "have it all."

And I also think that every woman's definition of "having it all" is a different one.  For some that means balancing a career and raising children, for others it means not having children at all and for others it might be staying home to raise the children. 

(just a quick note, as I meet new mama's I find that most of them don't "stay home" anyway...they are always out and about!)

So anyway...I read this article this morning:

Go ahead, give it a quick read and come back.


Okay, so I read that article this morning and it reminded me of something that someone had told me once.  About how when we have many choices, it's hard to decide.  But if we are given just a few things to choose from it's easy.  For example, if you picture yourself at the grocery store and you are going to buy some jam and you have 15 different flavors to choose from...which one will you pick?  How long will it take you to decide?  Now picture you only have two choices.  Grape or Strawberry.  You will probably make your decision much quicker and be pretty happy with that decision.  But when we have many choices we might second guess our decision.

This is exactly what I have been going through the past year.  I have SO many choices.  And I'm afraid to make the "wrong" choice.  I can't decide what to do.  The person who could have made this decision a year and half ago doesn't exist anymore.  My life is now completely different.  I'm not the same anymore.

To those of you who have made your choices...are you happy and confident you made the right choice?  To those women who are not mama's...if you become one, do you think you know what decision you would make? 

Is it okay for me to change my mind a hundred times about what I am going to do with my life and what kind of Mom I am going to be?  Which team am I on for the Mommy Wars?

And is it taking our society backwards if I agree with the writer of that article and say it would be a lot easier if I didn't have a choice?  How about I get just two choices?  Because I can easily choose between Grape and Strawberry.

I would pick Strawberry of course. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Profile Picture - Artist feature: Amy Archambault

Hey everyone!  I know my posts haven't been as frequent lately.  It's because I am starting a couple of new adventures.  I can't blog about all of them yet...but one is almost ready for me to share with everyone.  In the meantime, I wanted to share one little change with you.  Check out my new profile picture.  Can you see it?

Want to see it up close?
I will admit...I really like how skinny I am in this cartoon.  It will give me something to aspire to! :)

Want to know who made the cartoon?  My friend Amy Archambault.  She is an artist and happens to be dating a good friend of mine.  She has a website with photos of some of her work. She has some really neat sculptures and was recently featured in The Pulse Magazine:

Check out her website here:

What do you think of the cartoon version of me and Zoe? :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Motivational Monday

I could use some motivation myself today. 

I'm looking for some motivation to keep going on this weight loss bet I entered into with my friends. 

I'm halfway to my goal and we are a little more than halfway to our final weigh in date.  We have been weighing in every week and updating each other on our progress....but it hasn't gone very well for everyone.  So I was worried that they were giving up on me....and the big reason I was worried was that I didn't want my friends to give up.  I know they can do this.  They have got to do this.

But there was a selfish reason I was worried too.  If they gave up...I might give up too.  I think the biggest reason I have been successful losing weight is because I know that I have these friends doing it with me.  So we decided to push up our final weigh in by one month. (June 30th)  This way we can all keep going and keep pushing each other to lose weight.

We will be successful.  We MUST be successful. 

Besides that, I want a new dress for the two weddings I am going to in May and June. :)

I have my dance class tonight, but tomorrow night I will be getting back on the treadmill.  My goal is 3 miles.

Last week I got up to 2 and then got a terrible cold (with icky coughing).

So today...motivate yourself to do at least a minimum amount of exercise.  Only got 1 minute?  Do some push-ups.  Only got five minutes?  Do some situps.  Got ten minutes?  Hop on a treadmill or run around your house.  Do something....get moving.  We can do it!  (umm...I say we because I'm hoping other people are with me...hello?  Anyone out there?  I'm not doing this alone am I?....)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Screenwise Select and Google?

If you get a large envelope in the mail from "Screenwise Select" don't throw it out! 
We found 5 $1 bills in ours. :) 
Totally going out for some ice cream or something with that! :)
Anthony is investigating the rest of that envelope now. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick Post - Yay Friday!

It's Friday!  And it's beautiful outside....and it's pay day!  yay!

And speaking of pay know what's coming...

Another post requesting contributions for my fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis.  Even just one dollar will mean so much to me.  I need to raise $700 more to reach my goal.  I'm hoping to at the very least match my goal from last year and I am halfway there!  Every dollar you donate is put to VERY good use by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Why do we (Anthony, Zoe, Oscar too!) do this?  Because our good friends have a daughter who was diagnosed with CF when she was just two weeks old.  All of the money we raise goes into helping families with CF and helping fund research to find a cure, so the money we raise will directly impact this precious little girl's life.  Why else?  CF is a genetic disease.  In order to get CF you need two parents who carry the gene.  Anthony's family is a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis.  We learned about this through another family member.  When I was pregnant, I had genetic testing done to make sure I was not a carrier, and I wasn't.

BUT...our friend's story could have been ours!  They also had the testing done and they thought they were in the clear.  It turns out they had a very rare genetic mutation that carried CF.  You can imagine how heartbreaking and confusing it must have been for them when they got their diagnosis.  Groups like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Great Strides Walk people helped them cope.

You can read about their story here (and see an adorable picture of their daughter who has CF):
(You can also donate on their page...but skip to next link if you want to directly donate on MY page. :) )

Please consider a donation, all transactions are secure, you can visit my fundraising page here:

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  And don't donate to my cause, I'll help you with yours! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Treadmill - A Poem

Oh treadmill - how I have missed you!
The best part of all?
You were free and I was even offered two.

I forgot what it was like to run
on your black conveyor belt.
Could it have been fun?
I didn't like the way my body felt.

Flop flop, my body felt flabby.
Still, I'm no fatty.
I did a walk, jog, walk for one mile.
And I'm happy to say, I did it with a smile.

It's been almost 2 years
since I last saw you.
And I admit there was fear.

But it felt good last night
to complete my one mile.
Tonight I'll go further and then three miles!

Really awful poetry by Dani Do It.  I really was happy to get back on my (free!) treadmill.  It felt really good and I know this will help with my weight loss.  And wouldn't you know it?  I slept better too! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Taking on Amazon

I don't like monopolies.  I think competition is healthy.  It breeds creativity and improvement to the service or product.  When one person or company has all the control, the product or service will suffer.  And "the people" will keep using it because they don't have a choice.

I love my e-reader...but I'm happy it's not a Kindle.  That's not to say I don't like Amazon, I do.  I even have an Amazon Visa card.  I buy lots of things through Amazon.  But I was happy to read this article:

After I was impressed with the bravado of the CEO of this company...I realized that I also have some books from this publisher...and guess what?  I love them!  And plan on ordering some more at the holidays this year.

Now to go track down my local independent consultant!

Please support your local, independent retailers along with saving your money at the retailing "giants."

I'm now stepping off my soapbox. :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Baby Ate Dog Food

....and other reasons I won't be Mother of the Year.  :)

On Friday my daughter was crawling around on the floor and kept going after the dog's food.  And of course she decided to try some at the exact same time I was on the phone with my boss.  And of course I didn't dig it out of her mouth on time. 

It must taste good because she tried the same thing last night.

She's starting to get better at hiding the food in her cheeks though.  After I dug the food out of her mouth last night, once I had my back turned, my husband informed me there was still more in her mouth.

I let her play with toys that say 3+, even though she's only one.  We do supervise her, but I'm sure there is someone out there who might yell at me for this.  But why are bubbles 3+ anyway?  It's not like I'm letting her drink the bottle of soapy water.

On more than one occasion her meal for dinner or lunch has been milk, cheese and goldfish crackers.  Gone are the days when we were going to feed her only all natural organic products.  Pop-tarts and Doritos were going to be special treats at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

We totally gave her a taco-flavored Dorito last week.  And she loves french fries.

Sometimes she only gets a bath once a week.  She doesn't always go to bed on time.  We don't get to read her a story every night and we should probably be better about brushing her teeth.

But I don't need to be Mother of the Year.  Just Zoe's Mom.  We had a great weekend with lots of smiles and laughter.  And we think we might have our first word....not Mama.  Not Dada.  It might be..... dog.

Oscar really is the star in our family anyway. :)

Happy Monday's Motivation?  
Try to be the best at something to one person in your life. You don't need to please everyone all the time.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Copycat Friday: Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis

Today's post is a copy from last week...the specials are the same...the need is still there.
Please consider donating to the Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis.  Even just one dollar will make a difference.  C'mon...just one dollar?  You know you spend at least that going to the vending machine...  :)

Donations are tax deductible!  (and oh yeah, taxes are due on Monday.)

Please take a moment and visit my Great Strides fund raising website:

Want to get something for your money?  I am donating 25% of all sales during the month of April from NYR Organic (my commission) to the Great Strides Walk.  You can visit my NYR page here:

Want to know this month's NYR Specials?  Here they are:
Please let me know if you have questions!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Hunger Games: Dani Reviews It

Yesterday I heard on the radio that the director of the first Hunger Games movie, Gary Ross, will not be returning to film and write the second movie.  And my reaction?  Yes!  Please!  and THANK YOU!

You can read about it here:

I was lucky enough to have my sister and her boyfriend babysit my daughter last weekend so that Hubby and I could go to the movies (and pizza sweet!).  It was my birthday and it was VERY nice to have an evening out just the two of us.  I swear, when you can put aside all the little things that weigh down our day, (like chores, cleaning, work, taking care of children, pets and other responsibilities) and just have some one on one time with your main remember just how HAPPY you are.

Yes, me, not always acting like I am happy, but really I am.  Life is good.

Anyway, back to my post.  I got to see The Hunger Games movie last weekend and while I did enjoy it, I definitely have some complaints.  My biggest complaints I think can be directly attributed to the director (since he wrote or co-wrote the script and well, was in charge of the whole thing).

I hate the shaky camera and close-up shots of the actors.  On a huge screen, it was very difficult to follow.  Was this supposed to make it seem more real?  I have been noticing this new way of filming movies.  Guess what isn't gritty or real.  It's annoying and makes at least half your viewing audience sick to their stomachs.  Please stop.  Make a movie we can enjoy.  My honest to goodness first thought when it was all over?  I may skip the theater for the next one and instead watch it on a smaller screen.  It's days later and I think about the movie and I still feel sick.  And I wasn't the only one to report feeling this way either.

My second complaint....where was the drama???  The book is narrated by the main character, Katniss.  So while we didn't have her inner thoughts and dialogue driving us around the movie, I still think that SOME of what she was feeling could have been portrayed better.  If I hadn't read the books, I wouldn't really know why I was rooting for Katniss to win anyway.  Was this an attempt for us to see it through the eyes of the viewers in the capitol?  The end of the games was just so "ho hum" BORING.  Where was the drama?  The screaming and trying to get to Peeta when the medical team takes him away?  I was very disappointed.  I wanted to see the confusion that Katniss feels and what she goes through.  I would write more about this subject, but if you haven't read the books, I don't want to ruin it for you.

And I know it's cliche, but the books were way better than the movie.

PLEASE please director of the sequel...please make it all better.  Please don't ruin the Hunger Games for me.  Let Jennifer Lawrence narrate the movie if we need it.  Just give us SOME of the internal struggle and drama that was missing from the first.

Anyone else see the movie and agree or disagree?  Thoughts?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: First Birthday

I know the blog has been quiet...I'm working on a project, birthdays (mine and Zoe's) and Easter and's all caught up to me because now I have a stomach bug.  To make up for is a rare post...


Zoe and Me.  I'm SuperMama.
(look at those cupcakes in the background...better picture...scroll down).

 Cake Smashin' good fun!

Cupcakes!  Wow...I was blown away by these gorgeous Dr. Seuss themed cupcakes.  Cat in the Hat, Things 1 & 2, and Green Eggs and Ham...and by the way, they were also DELICIOUS!

And as a special birthday present for Zoe, my friend Lynsay made a special Horton Hears a Who Birthday!

And where can you get cupcakes for your own fabulous party?  Check out my friend's website:

It's a little bare-boned at the moment, but more stuff should be on their website soon.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Please Donate!

Hello everyone!  Happy Friday!

I know I need to do a nice update for you...and I will.  All next week will be lovely updates, maybe some pictures too!  In the meantime, please take a moment and visit my Great Strides fund raising website:

Want to get something for your money?  I am donating 25% of all sales during the month of April from NYR Organic (my commission) to the Great Strides Walk.  You can visit my NYR page here:

Want to know this month's NYR Specials?  Here they are:
Please let me know if you have questions!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ssshh...I'm not home!

I'm away today...I'm on vacation sort of. I am visiting my friend from Alarm Clock Wars and attending a blogging workshop. I am learning a lot and can't wait to use what I have learned on Dani Do It and my newest project...more coming soon!