Monday, April 23, 2012

Motivational Monday

I could use some motivation myself today. 

I'm looking for some motivation to keep going on this weight loss bet I entered into with my friends. 

I'm halfway to my goal and we are a little more than halfway to our final weigh in date.  We have been weighing in every week and updating each other on our progress....but it hasn't gone very well for everyone.  So I was worried that they were giving up on me....and the big reason I was worried was that I didn't want my friends to give up.  I know they can do this.  They have got to do this.

But there was a selfish reason I was worried too.  If they gave up...I might give up too.  I think the biggest reason I have been successful losing weight is because I know that I have these friends doing it with me.  So we decided to push up our final weigh in by one month. (June 30th)  This way we can all keep going and keep pushing each other to lose weight.

We will be successful.  We MUST be successful. 

Besides that, I want a new dress for the two weddings I am going to in May and June. :)

I have my dance class tonight, but tomorrow night I will be getting back on the treadmill.  My goal is 3 miles.

Last week I got up to 2 and then got a terrible cold (with icky coughing).

So today...motivate yourself to do at least a minimum amount of exercise.  Only got 1 minute?  Do some push-ups.  Only got five minutes?  Do some situps.  Got ten minutes?  Hop on a treadmill or run around your house.  Do something....get moving.  We can do it!  (umm...I say we because I'm hoping other people are with me...hello?  Anyone out there?  I'm not doing this alone am I?....)


Ronja said...

My roommate and I like to get up and dance around like crazy people during commercial breaks of our TV shows. I also started tracking what I eat... it is a giant pain but really makes you change your choice sometimes.

Anne said...

Register for a race. It's the only thing that's gotten me out the door to run on those days when it's the last thing I want to do. There are tons of 5k races around and the entry fees go to good causes.

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