Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: First Birthday

I know the blog has been quiet...I'm working on a project, birthdays (mine and Zoe's) and Easter and's all caught up to me because now I have a stomach bug.  To make up for is a rare post...


Zoe and Me.  I'm SuperMama.
(look at those cupcakes in the background...better picture...scroll down).

 Cake Smashin' good fun!

Cupcakes!  Wow...I was blown away by these gorgeous Dr. Seuss themed cupcakes.  Cat in the Hat, Things 1 & 2, and Green Eggs and Ham...and by the way, they were also DELICIOUS!

And as a special birthday present for Zoe, my friend Lynsay made a special Horton Hears a Who Birthday!

And where can you get cupcakes for your own fabulous party?  Check out my friend's website:

It's a little bare-boned at the moment, but more stuff should be on their website soon.


Lana Wallpe said...

Fun times, especially the smashing part. It's not a First Birthday unless someone gets really messy! Looks like your little one is/was well on her way to a mess ;-)

Dani said...

She actually stayed pretty clean. Dada had to help her smash the cake and get messy. :)

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