Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best. Pizza. Ever.

I love pizza. I'm not too picky either. But that was before I moved to an area that is severely lacking in great local pizza places. Anthony and I tried every place that won a "Best of" award. We hated them all.
A lot of generic greek pizza, and we are pretty sure they all use the same food distributor. And they all use only one cheese on their pizza. So now I'm picky about my pizza. Seriously, this used to be a staple dinner item in my home. Now I'm lucky to get pizza once a month.

My favorite chain pizza?  Hands down, it's Papa Ginos. (they made my engagement pizza!) But I really love a good local place. In my previous residence, I had a few to choose from, so I have been spoiled.

But I found a place with great pizza. Well, "place" isn't exactly the proper term. I found people that make great pizza. And unfortunately for me, they are a catering company. If I want their pizza, I either need to crash a party or stalk them to find out if they will be set up at any local farmer's markets. I was so incredibly bummed out when I found out they didn't have a pizza shop!

Everything is good about this pizza. Thin, crispy crust with just enough of a chewy center. Red sauce that is delicious, not too sweet, not too salty. And they use a mixture of cheese, not just mozzarella. I can tell this from taking just one bite of their pizza. It is very good.

They are a family-run business that use a mobile wood-fire oven. They have many options for toppings or types of pizza. I usually go for my standby favorite, pepperoni. Yes, that is right...Anthony and I don't share this pizza, so I am not forced to get cheese. He gets what he wants, I get what I want. :)

Check out their website:

And you can follow them on facebook:

Want to help me stalk them?
Anyone want to throw a party and use them as the caterer?

There won't be a lot of opportunity to eat their pizza, I need to take advantage of every chance I get!

And I do have favorites in other states, I'm just choosing to brag about this one. Disagree with my choice of best? Please let me know your favorite so I can try it. :)

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