Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Kids are expensive.

Everyone already knows this.  And everyone also says "don't wait until you are ready (financially or otherwise) because then you will never have them.  (which I also agree with.)

And this is all true.  But every year they decide to do a story on how much it costs to raise one child.
I do believe that more children get a little less expensive since you can reuse a bunch of stuff.

But these things don't help anyone trying to decide if they are going to have children or not, or if they will have more children.  And then we wonder why we have a decline in population?  I'm not surprised at all.

Reading articles like this, a fairly smart person might say "no way, that's too expensive, I can't afford that."

Or in this age of selfishness, we might say, no way, I want a better life for ME.

It's a good thing margaritas taste so good and making babies is so much fun.  With articles like this on the yahoo front page we may not have any kids future at all.  Yeesh.


Ronja said...

I read that this morning as well. I attached a link in an email to Gregg that said "This scared the ba-geez-is out of me" :-)

Justin said...

Both the cost and the impact to my life are two of the main reasons I don't expect to ever have any.... the rest being that I just don't like kids enough to want one.

That said - it's still a scary number. It makes me wonder where the money I'm NOT spending on a kid is going :-/

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