Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Motivation - Haven't posted about that lately...

What happened to my Motivational Mondays?

They got lost in the shuffle of this thing called "life." Life happens and gets in the way. I have been SO busy.

I have a lot going on...and I keep promising to tell you about it and I promise I will.  Someday.

In the meantime, I have a new motivational tool for you! I discovered this one myself just last night. The best time of day for me to exercise is at night. It helps me lose weight and honestly, after my daughter goes to bed is the only time I have to exercise.

And do I feel like exercising at the end of a very long day with a long commute and everything else that is going on? No. I want to sit on my butt and watch TV. Instead of doing that, I have started using my iPad to watch tv shows online while walking on the treadmill. And last night, I found the tool to a long hard work out.
Ready for this?

It's musicals. Yes, singing and dancing movies.

Last night I watched High School Musical 2 on my iPad while I walked on the treadmill. That movie is 1 hour and 45 minutes long. I walked that entire time. And everytime the music got upbeat, I cranked up my speed and/or incline. It was a GREAT workout. I got in some tv viewing, pumped up music and I worked out for almost two hours without even noticing I did it.

So my advice is to throw on a movie, do an "easy" workout like a walk or a bike ride and just go for it. And if you are watching a musical, when you feel like dancing along....increase your intensity!

Which musical should I watch next? :)

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