Monday, May 21, 2012


This week I am going to blog all about pizza. Mostly it's because I love pizza. Secondly because it's a topic to keep me busy and writing this week.

What made me think writing about pizza was a good topic?
Story Time!

This past weekend we were in upstate New York for a wedding. Late night, a pizza was ordered for those of us who maybe needed a snack after imbibing a little too much. I grabbed a slice, took a bite....and oh heaven! It was really REALLY good pizza. I was very impressed. When you find a place that delivers late at night, your quality options are limited, so the quality of this pizza was very impressive.

It also impressed me because I am unfortunately living in an area that is lacking in good pizza. My expectations have been lowered. I don't even crave pizza anymore because I haven't found one that I like yet. It was inconceivable to me that I would move somewhere that didn't have an amazing neighborhood pizza place.

On our very long drive home yesterday, we stopped in Utica, NY. We went to a pizza/sub shop just off the highway. They had pizza available, by the slice. It looked good. And guess what? It was good!

At that point I had to wonder if it was even possible to get bad pizza in New York.

I seriously considered buying a whole pizza to take home. But that darn diet thing got in the way, well, not really the diet, but the fact that my deadline is seriously looming and I'm pretty sure I gained a whole bunch of weight drinking and eating this past weekend. :)

More pizza stories coming!

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