Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You need grain.

You need grain to make pizza dough. So therefore today's post is totally pizza relevant.

Check out today's woot shirt. I am specifically posting this for my farmer friends.
LOVE this shirt.

It gave me a big smile this morning. And pizza makes me smile too.


Lana Wallpe said...

Grains are good, and I ALWAYS love pizza! Lately, when I take the time to make it at home, I have been using whole wheat flour, and no one had raised too much of a ruckus!

Lana Wallpe said...

P.S. I featured our grains today on my Wordless Wednesday post, which, of course, has has some words because I am rarely without at least a few! ;-)

Dani said...

Nice! I'm totally linking to your blog in my new post today. :)

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