Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dawson's Creek

The hair...the music! The fashion....

It's a trip down memory lane. I guess I didn't realize just how much fashion had changed until I started watching it. I didn't remember how much I loved some of those old songs too...

Did you know that Dawson's Creek started in 1998? That is FOURTEEN years ago. And some of the outfits and trends, yep, I totally dressed that way as well. There was one specific hairstyle I remember copying from last night's episode...I wonder if I can get away with it today? haha.

I loved that show. I watched it every week (even though I was away at college). And I thought it was really cool that my parents watched it too. It gave us something to chat about when I came home or spoke to them over the phone.

So why am I talking about this old show? Because I am watching it all over again, from the beginning, and I can thank my subscription to Netflix. And guess what? I'm loving it the second time around too. I can even vaguely remember what happened before...and I STILL love it.

This show was very ground-breaking. Don't believe me?
Look at the subjects covered. Teenage sex, pregnancy, drinking, drugs, homophobia, gay characters, unwed parents, bi-racial couples, marital problems, and death. All topics were covered. And the characters were all very typical, normal teenagers. Well, except for the fact that they spoke in a language that no normal teenager ever would have used. They used very large vocabulary and they all over-analyzed the point that most adults would not even talk like that. And okay, so they got away with things that most teenagers couldn't get away with....but who would watch it otherwise right?

But it paved the way for a movie like Juno....and smart (and smart-mouthed) teenagers.

Anyway...I'm thoroughly enjoying this show, take 2. I did stop watching the show after about the fourth season, I got busy with life after college. But I do remember making special plans to watch the series finale. I always did root for the couple that finally ends up together (I won't ruin it for you if you haven't seen it.).

And I know the show is called Dawson's Creek, but I have to say he is my least favorite character on the show. He is a bit self-centered and waaaay too dramatic. (at least in the first season)

I was always kind of partial to Pacey. :)

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Marybeth Feutz said...

Yay, Dawson's Creek! Remember watching that in our college dorm with the guys across the hall? We yelled at them when the guys were being stupid, and they yelled at us when the girls were being stupid... Those were some fun nights!

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