Monday, June 04, 2012

There is Nothing Under my Bed.

I was reading an article online about books to help your toddler through emotional milestones. Most of the topics are pretty heavy, like the death of a loved one (or pet), or divorce, or staying in the hospital. But one was about nightmares.

It specifically mentioned children worrying about monsters hiding under the bed and my first thought was "monsters can't hide under my bed because my bed is on the floor".

Story time. :)

I used to have a bed that was on a normal frame, with a headboard and foot board. But this set was so old, that every time you rolled over, the entire bed would shake. I started to get nervous about it falling apart. And on more than one occasion, I fell out of it. I blame my husband for wanting to sleep on my side of the bed. And I guess I like my he would move over to cuddle and I would move to get away and before you knew it, I was on the floor.

So to solve both the "shaky bed" problem and the "falling on the floor" problem, we decided to just put our box spring and mattress on the floor. The original plan was to get a modern low to the floor bed frame, but we just can't agree on anything. And we are lazy. So therefore, our bed is on the floor.

I have a "secret" third reason our bed is on the floor. No one (and nothing) can hide under there.

Yes, I am in my thirties and I still believe something might be under the bed to grab my feet when I step off the bed. Maybe I should go get one of those books on nightmares for the toddlers?

I already know that when my daughter gets scared of monsters under the end, I'm just going to put her mattress on the floor as well. See? Problem solved.

Except that one of my "helpful" friends mentioned a paper thin ghost type monster that could just lie in wait for me, squeezed under my mattress. 

Now I'm not getting any sleep tonight!


Ronja said...

I have enough stuff under my bed (totes with winter hats and gloves, bags with wrapping paper, Rubbermaid containers with purses, etc.) that no monster could fit...... but I still do a flying leap onto my bed from far enough away that nothing will grab my ankles... just in case. As a child I surrounded my body with stuffed animals. I loved them, but I was willing to sacrifice them before myself to the under the bed monster. .

JoAnne said...


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