Friday, June 01, 2012

Three Tree Inn - Geneva, NY

A few weekends ago we went to a wedding in Geneva, New York. This was a very long drive for us. It was made even longer by the stops we had to make along the way.

When we finally arrived at our destination, it was VERY nice to be in such a nice place with a wonderful place to rest while we were there. We stayed at a bed and breakfast (our first choice while traveling). We stayed at a b&b called The Three Tree Inn.  Check out the link:

We had such a nice visit. This b&b is located right in a residential neighborhood, so besides a few barking dogs or children playing (and that one Harley at 3am? what?) it is a very quiet setting. The owners of the inn are extremely friendly and welcoming. They were that perfect combination of helpful and accommodating while leaving you alone to enjoy your visit.

Each room at the inn has it's own private bathroom (a MUST while staying at a bed and breakfast) and beautiful antique furniture. The bed was very comfortable, I did bring my own pillow though. I'm allergic to birds and I like to bring my pillow in case there are down feathers. (And if down feathers are your thing, they have those!)

I had told the owners about my food allergies ahead of time and when it came time to discuss breakfast, they again inquired about my allergies so they could accommodate me. And speaking of breakfast...this is really the best part of staying at a bed and breakfast. We actually had a few guests from the wedding try to convince us that the "cool kids" were staying at a hotel down the street.

I think the real cool kids got the best breakfast in Geneva, NY. :)

We would highly recommend the Three Tree Inn if you decided to visit Geneva.  Why would you visit? Are you into wine?  There were probably over 100 wineries (and a distillery) within a hour's drive. Check it out if you get the chance!

One last thing...I had forgotten my pillow at the Inn when we left. I hadn't realized until we were halfway home. When I called the Inn, they said not a problem, we will mail it to you. Within a week I had my pillow!

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