Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Punching Bag!

see, now I did it! I got it set up.
And here are a few more pictures of my setup in the basement.

I think we will need a Movie Monday...where I can include a short video of me working out with my punching bag, what do you think?

We have named the punching bag Bubba. So if you hear that I am working out with Bubba or kicking Bubba's you know what, well, now you know what I am doing. :)

Mmmm...treadmill. I actually do enjoy walking and running on a treadmill. My sister said that's because it's easier than outside. And she's probably right. At least I'm moving though!

And check out my latest motivator!  A calendar! I plan on putting in a big red X whenever I work out. And of course you can see that I haven't worked out yet this week. Stupid cold!
I feel MUCH much better today.

So no excuses right? :)

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Marybeth Feutz said...

Oof... I don't know how you can walk on that treadmill so close to the wall! Mine is set up facing out a window, so I watch the world go by. Well, sort of anyway... ;) I would put up pictures of landscapes, oceans, outside stuff. Good luck!

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