Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dog Days

The official definition for the phrase "Dog Days of Summer" are the hottest days of summer. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, this means July and August. Once upon a time, Sirius, the dog star rose very close to the sun just before the sunrise.
In ancient times, humans thought that the dog star, Sirius, was angry and that's why it was so hot.

So they did the only logical thing they could think of, they sacrificed a dog.  Poor things. :(
It didn't stop the weather from being so hot!

I'm talking about dog days for a different reason. My dog loves the summertime. We take him hiking and camping, and we take him up to Vermont. I refer to Vermont as "Doggy Disney World" because most of the dogs (yes, almost every house on my parents private dirt road has one!) get to run off leash and jump in the lake and sniff in the woods and in general have a great doggy time.

Unfortunately this year, we just haven't been up to Vermont as much as I thought we would.
But fortunately for Oscar, my parents took him (and Zoe) for the past five days while Anthony and I had a long weekend away in Bar Harbor. (more on our trip later)

I know that my daughter had a great time, my mom shared plenty of videos and pictures showing how much fun everyone had. And I know that Oscar had a GREAT time. Because when my parents went to leave my house, he jumped in the car to go with them.

Three times.

He was completely ready to ditch myself and Anthony to go with them.
I ended up having to hold him so he wouldn't sneak back into the car.

My feelings are a little hurt, but I can't really blame him. Not only is it a lot of fun for a dog where my parents live, they also have a dog and the two of them run around together. And according to my parents, they apparently ran around misbehaving like teenagers this weekend. :)

Maybe I need to show him some more love and attention.
Or maybe I just need to bring him back to "Doggy Disney World" more often.

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