Monday, August 20, 2012


So I know that I really shouldn't be drinking soda. Especially if I am trying to lose weight.

And I try not to drink diet soda because I don't like eating (or drinking) aspartame.

But this weekend I had a headache and kinda wanted something bubbly. I was visiting my parent's house and I looked in their fridge.

They had lots of diet soda and one or two bottles of root beer and some orange soda.

I really don't like orange soda and I know my dad loves that kind of root beer. So I left those alone. I found one half of a regular soda. That obviously belonged to someone else.

I decided that the caffeine and cola flavor I wanted would be worth it enough to put up with the chemicals of diet soda. I picked up a can, was just about to open it, when I noticed two words:

"Caffeine Free"

What?!  Why?!

What is the point of a soda if there is no sugar and no caffeine?!?!  It's just a chemical, fake cola, flavored seltzer water at that point.

With a sigh I put it back.

Seriously, what is the point of Diet, Caffeine Free Soda?


Justin said...

The point is..... profit!

To the soda maker..... and the dentist and the health clubs and the dieticians and other medical personnel.

Lana Wallpe said...

Sometimes I just want the bubbles and fizz to wake me up, but I know what you mean. Then also I want something to mix with my "mommy" drink, and diet caffiene free coke goes well with rum and whiskey ;-)

Dani said...

Both very good points! :)

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