Thursday, September 06, 2012

Dani Don't Do It?

So remember that Warrior Dash thing I signed up for?
Here is the link if you need a reminder:

I'm considering not doing it.

I didn't train for it like I should have.  I'm not in shape, I am still overweight and I'm starting to worry that if I try to do this, I'm going to hurt myself.

So...Dani Don't Do it?  It's not like me, and I feel weird about "quitting" or "giving up" on something.
It's just not me.

Thoughts? Ideas?

I was also hoping that someone would do the dash with me....but no one signed up with me.
It's like my weight loss bet....everyone fell off my bandwagon.  Sigh.

I do better losing weight when I am working with others on it as well. I would join Weight Watchers, but I can't do their program because of all my fruit and vegetable allergies.  Hmmm.

To Do or Not To Do.  That's my question.  Warrior Dash is a week from Saturday.  Hmmm...

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Have Chef Will Travel said...

Dani as you probably know I had a heart attack recently, about four weeks ago, and I have lost twenty pounds,I do not recomend that route. Now I am on a Low sodiam,low fat, and low cholesteral diet, and it is yacky, and since I do not smoke now,which improves my taste buds, that diet tastes evan yackyer. so maby if you go on a yacky diet, that might work.

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