Thursday, October 04, 2012

Lost it...

I had something good to write about, but then I forgot whatever it was.

My memory is just not what it used to be.

Did you enjoy my Bambi post? My parents regularly read my blog and on that particular day my dad asked my mom to read my blog out loud while he cooked breakfast. And she did, with character voices and all. :)  And she had no idea what she was reading because she hasn't seen Bambi.

You can imagine that must have been pretty funny.

Why hasn't my mom seen Bambi?  Once upon a time she decided she wanted to watch all the Disney movies with her grandchildren. It's a good thing I had Zoe...she might not have watched any!

She actually has seen a few, we have made her watch some of them. :)

And speaking of Disney movies, I used some of our free Amazon points to get a few movies. I picked up Bolt and Tangled.

When we were at Sam's Club the other evening, Zoe was pushing around the shopping cart and she stopped and stared at a really large bright shiny new TV. The movie playing was Bolt and it happened to be a scene where the white dog was practicing facial expressions and trying to look cute.

She stared at the screen and said "Doggy! Doggy!".  So I decided we should get Bolt.
Anthony decided she wanted the TV. :)

We didn't get the TV. :)

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