Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Politics - Sorting the Lies.

I had a good point brought up to me yesterday.

Someone pointed out that in the past I have said something to the effect of I wasn't going to get involved or talk politics. I actually tried to find my own comments about it but I gave up, not enough time in the day.

I do try to avoid politics. I don't like arguing with people. It stresses me out.

But I feel the need to be involved this year because I think that people might be making uneducated decisions. But I also think it's because I'm a mom now and I care now more than I ever did before about the kind of world my daughter will grow up in.

I feel like I just can't sit here and say or do nothing while watching everyone around me talking about it and "liking" a candidate on facebook.

So that's why I decided to "get involved." I will eventually tell you who I am voting for and why, but in the meantime, we MUST learn about these candidates. We can't just blindly vote for someone based upon one or two things we heard in the news or from our friends.

But where to start? Well first, I start by educating myself, learning what the people I may be voting for really truly stand for. And how do I do that? Well, I start with their own campaign websites.
I ignore any and all comments they make about their opponents.

Why?  Because candidates will bend the truth, twist a story or tell a straight out lie to make their own campaign look good. I try to look at the core value statements. What do they REALLY believe in.

I also ignore their "promises" or "what they will do" once in office. They can say whatever they want to get the votes. What will they actually do? What have their past decisions and actions been? Can I trust what they say now? How does it compare to the past?

Where else do I go?  Websites like:

The Tax Policy Center, they are a bunch of experts who take a non-biased look at the tax plans of our nominees. Though in my personal opinion, I don't care what they promise you, no matter who gets elected, our taxes and fees will be raised in some way. Everybody wants more money, especially the government:

and NPR (National Public Radio):

And one of my favorites...Politifact:

What I like the most about Politifact is getting the explanation behind the true or false statements. Not only do I learn who is bending the truth (or lie) I also get some education as to what the heck they are talking about!

So do some reading....learn about who you are voting for. I have my printed out copy of the ballot I will be using next week...I have lots of reading to do!  More tomorrow...

Anyone else have places to go to get unbiased REAL information about our candidates?
Please share in the comments!


Have Chef Will Travel said...

Dani when it comes to politics there is no such thing, or creature as unbias.

Lana Wallpe said...

Totally off the subject, how are you surviving Sandy? Been thinking about you and everyone out there in the middle of it all! Sharks swimming down Jersey streets? Heavens! Stay inside! It's blasted cold here with some snow flakes in the forecast but nothing too scary for Halloween!

Ronja said...

Where can I get a copy of the NH ballot with explinations of what the questions will mean?

Dani said...

Here you go...

thenew30something said...

What people tend to forget or overlook in big elections like this is that behind the president is congress and the legislature which in most part does all the deciding and controls the fate of our country. Don't get me wrong the President isn't just a figurehead like the Queen of England BUT when voting for the president you have to understand how it will effect congress and therefore effect the rest of us.

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