Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Politics - Trick or Treat?

Unfortunately, there are a lot more tricks than there are treats when it comes to politics.

I have two more websites to help you with making your voting decisions.

First up, is a google tool that can bring you information about the candidates.

You enter your street address and it will let you know where you need to vote on the left side. On the right side it will have a list of the people you have to choose from when voting. Click on the tabs under the Ballot Summary and you will see all the different elections for your area.

This tool does not include the ballot questions (or at least I did not play with it long enough to find them). If you hover over the icons next to the candidates names, it will bring you to their websites, google+ pages, facebook pages, etc. If you click on their actual names, it will bring you to a google search result for their name. This is a great resource to quickly find information on the candidates.
(And also a great teaching tool for the kids too!)

And another great site...snopes! Yes, this is the same website that people use to bust those urban legends and myths. My aunt used it yesterday and not only did I get a "true or false", I also got an explanation of what it was talking about.
Here is the link where you want to get started:

And that is the end of the educational and unbiased blog posting...

I will now commence with some opinions....ready?

To start, I'm only going to discuss the Presidential candidates. That is because I have readers from all over the country (and even in other countries I think, say hello!) and my local politics won't affect you or even interest you.

So to start, I took my own advice. I started with the candidates websites.

A few hours later, I emerged annoyed and cross-eyed.

Here are my observations:
The websites are very annoying. First off, they all want donations. Yep, they are going to tax us and fee us to death and then they want donations. Yeesh! We don't have any money!
(I firmly believe that death and taxes are inevitable. I don't believe any candidate who says no new taxes. They all lie.)
Okay, next thing. There is a lot happening on these websites. Lots of pictures, videos and text to read. It's actually hard for me to find just in plain black and white (without discussing their opposing candidates views) what they stand for. I actually dislike both Obama and Romney's websites.
The website I like the most is not someone I am going to vote for.

Here are the websites for the candidates. I am BEGGING and PLEADING with you to please go to their websites and read their "Issues" page. Please know exactly what and who you are voting for. I just spoke with someone today who said "I have never seen that about him" when discussing a particular issue. I promptly gave them a link directly to that candidates website where it was right there in black and white. Please go read your favorite candidates website. And please consider reading the other websites as well.

I am listing them here in the order they appeared on the Google Election Tool:

And if you haven't had enough reading yet for one day...check this out. VERY interesting:

One last Pretty Please with Sugar and a CHERRY ON TOP....go read the candidates websites. Educate yourself about your favorite candidate.  The real opinions start from me tomorrow. Today's post is long enough!  Happy Halloween everyone!

and PS Lana - we are fine where I am, we were lucky most of my town still without power.


TC said...

Additionally, there are fact checking sites that their entire purpose is to research and validate comments made by politicians.


Dani said...

Thanks TC for letting us know about
I posted yesterday about politifact. :)

thenew30something said...

I think in an election like this you really need to focus your research on Romney and Obama. Our country is not nearly ready to go beyond a bipartisan political structure. In theory it would be nice to have more than two but at this point our country is not ready for that. So I think focusing your research is important and deciding between the 2 candidates is the way to go.

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