Monday, October 29, 2012

Politics...all week!

Hey everyone - I will be discussing politics all week.

Now before you close your internet browser and run away, please understand that I am not going to try and sway anyone's vote...until the end of this week and maybe next week. :)

In the meantime, I just want to discuss politics in general and try to help educate some people. Please feel free to share my posts.

To start...are you registered? Do you know how to find out if it's too late to register?

Every town and state has government websites where you should be able to find this information. Are you having trouble navigating the websites? Try your local newspaper website. They should have links to all the information you will need.

For example, this morning I found in my local paper a sample of the ballot that I will be looking at next week. When I looked at it, I realized that I only know about the Presidential candidates and a little bit about the Governor candidates. I don't know *anything* about the other people running for office.

There are also 3 questions that I am being asked, and I don't know anything about those either!
What to do?

Well, first off, I'm glad I found this BEFORE I was in the voting booth. Imagine getting in the booth and not knowing what all of this is about. What if you voted for someone or for something that if you had known ahead of time you NEVER would have voted for them/it?

Do your research!

Start with the candidates websites. On their websites it should clearly state their values and what they stand for. Read their websites to learn all about who you are voting for. Forget newspaper articles, opinion pieces and what your friends are saying.

Make your OWN decision. One of the greatest privileges of living in this country is our right to vote. And no one needs to know who you vote for and you don't have to tell anyone. It's a private decision (unless you want to make it public).

Now for any questions on your ballot.  Your town clerk's office or your local newspaper should have documentation on these questions, what they mean and what a yes or no answer would mean.

So tonight, do your research, learn about the candidates and what they believe in. Share it with your children so they can learn that a big part of this process isn't just "who you like better", it's about EDUCATION and learning about how our government works and what voting means.

More tomorrow....


Tara said...

The state election pages are a really great place to start to find more information on candidates and questions:

Tara said...

and more specifically for NH:

Dani said...

Awesome! Thanks for the links Tara! :)

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