Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who's Your Daddy?

I demand a recount!

Have you seen those companies that can identify your dog's mixed breed background through DNA testing? Anyone who has ever seen Oscar inevitably asks "What kind of dog is he?".

Oscar is a mixed breed, and we know his mom was a "purebred" Miniature American Eskimo. When I first discovered him, he was with a litter of puppies who all looked to be 100% American Eskimo...but then there was that one dog who didn't look quite right...

That would be my dog. :)  So of course I had to have him, he was unique and beautiful and we had no idea what he was going to grow up to be. We have had many people guess. Some have said he looks like a Border Collie. Others have said Australian Shepherd. Still others have said Papillion.

When the doggy dna tests first came on the market, they didn't have too many breeds to test with so your results were not what you would call accurate. But it's been about 5 years and the accuracy has improved.

At our last vet appointment, we were given the opportunity to do a blood dna test on Oscar to find out what his daddy might have been. He very obviously has the American Eskimo body shape and style, but not the markings. He has black and white spots and his fur isn't quite poofy enough. He doesn't have that large "lion's mane" that Eskie's tend to have.

We used the test that was offered through our vet, the Wisdom Panel Professional from Mars, Incorporated Labs. Wisdom Panel offers a few options for canine dna testing.

So when I got my results in the mail last night, I was very excited!

And I opened it up...and according to the lab report....

Oscar is a purebreed American Eskimo dog.

WHAT?! No way! Are you sure he isn't part skunk?
I'm going to get in touch with the lab to see what we can find out.

Because if Oscar is a pure breed American Eskimo, I have the rarest American Eskimo recessive mutation on the planet. I need to speak to a geneticist I think....

Expect more on this subject soon! :)


Justin said...

I can tell you what he is....

He's 100% adorable. :-)

Yes, it's true. I can be a bit mushy.... toward dogs.

Unknown said...

Ha! Bet the breeder is kicking herself for getting rid of that purebred litter because "obviously" someone else got in there....actually did see something on Dogs 101 that mentiond "usually" they are all white and that a lot of their behaviorism are very similar to border collies, so funny....I wonder what Hendrix would come back as ;-) Katie

Lana Wallpe said...

Too funny. He looks to have some Australian Shephard and/or border collie in him. Ours is a mystery too, but I think she had Australian shephard/border collie/blue tick healer in her.

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