Monday, November 26, 2012

It didn't count.

So...did I cave and go Black Friday Shopping?

I did.  But it shouldn't count. :)

Remember that Brave Blu-Ray/DVD combo I wanted? Well it turns out decided to have the same limited a couple of four-hour windows. Turns out that first four hour window was on Thanksgiving...and I missed out. The second one is today (starting at 12:20pm PST).  (That's 3:20pm for us east-coasters)

So I went to bed Thanksgiving night (I didn't skip out on my family and I didn't start at 8pm or 10pm, I watched the Patriots thank you) and I turned to Anthony and I said "If I wake up in the middle of the night, I might try and see if they have that movie at Walmart".

Turns out I did wake up (not surprising, I have chronic insomnia these days...anyone want to buy a cheap condo?) at around 4am. I decided to try and go back to sleep. I woke up again at 5am. This time I decided to get up and go to the store.

While driving down the street I told myself that if the parking lot was too full, I was going home and going back to bed. I pulled in....and it was almost empty!
I made my way to the back of the electronics section and I asked about my movie. I was pointed in the direction of three shopping carts filled with DVDs. Two extremely nice employees (really, they had been working since the night before and they were still in great moods!) helped me start sorting through them to find Brave.

While we were searching, a man came in looking for the same movie. He saw what we were doing...and moved on. About ten minutes later, he tapped me on the shoulder and handed me the movie. He had found an entire box of them!

I grabbed a few more really good priced DVD's and made my way home. Where I crawled back into bed and got to sleep some more.

When I got up in the morning, I went out with Zoe, we went back to grab one last movie I had missed and we went out for breakfast. We went to a few more stores but didn't buy anything, just looked around.  And then that evening we went to a museum and out to dinner with Anthony's mom and his sister.

All in all....a GREAT day.

On Saturday we made a few purchases from some local retailers to support Small Business Saturday (and we got Oscar's Christmas present). And on Wednesday...before all the craziness began...I got the black friday price I wanted on a tablet present for a niece...they had the black friday prices early on line but had sold I asked the store manager to match the price in store...and voila! Black Friday deal on WEDNESDAY.

So I got my Black Friday bargains....without participating in the craziness. So I say it doesn't count. :)
...and I did grab one Cyber Monday deal today, only available for a few more hours:

I already have the DVD, I just wanted the digital copy. :) So I'll be selling the DVD and making some money back....which is what I did with some other DVD's this weekend as well.
Good deals all around!

Only 1 or 2 gifts left and my shopping is done!  Then it's on to wrapping, decorating and donations. :) will have reviews of techie stuff this sure to check it out.

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