Tuesday, November 06, 2012

My Last Politics Post (for now)

Even though all of this happened back in October...I waited to tell the story.

I wanted you to know where I was coming from politically before I told a really cool story.

It's the story of how Zoe got to meet the President. I didn't want you to think that this story influenced my voting decisions. I knew who I was voting for prior to this story.

President Obama was coming to our city to do some campaigning. It just so happened that he was going to one of the middle schools that I help support (I work in the IT department).

I was lucky enough to score some VIP tickets which put us right up front for all the action. It was a very long day, but well worth the wait, we had a great view, listened to some great speakers and we got a nice concert from James Taylor too!

After the President finished speaking, he came down to shake hands with the crowd and everyone who was behind us started pushing forward. We had started out maybe 3-4 people back from the front but then we were pushed to almost the front.

And this is when Zoe decided she had had enough. She didn't want to be there, she wanted to be put down and she was letting us all know it. She started crying...and started getting hysterical when I wouldn't put her down. (I couldn't, she would have been trampled).

At this point it was too late to try and leave, we were packed in and no one would move so I could get Zoe out of there. I couldn't go backwards, forwards or sideways. I asked everyone around me so I could try and get out of there, only one or two gentleman helped me out. (yes didn't move. I'll remember your bleach blonde hair and how rude you were to me when I asked you to move so I could get my screaming baby out of there.) Anthony was behind me trying to keep the crowds off of me...he was literally holding people back from shoving.  Everyone wanted a chance to shake the President's hand.

So when we were stuck, we just stayed there and I tried to soothe Zoe. Then the President reached our area and he saw Zoe crying, and he asked "What's the baby's name? Is she okay?" and I responded that her name was Zoe and she was upset that we were being squished.

And the President asked everyone to back off because he didn't want Zoe to get squished.

Immediately the crowd behind me backed off and we had breathing room, he then asked if we were okay and thanked us for coming out.

I'm just happy that when the President asked them to do something, the crowd did it. It probably didn't hurt that there were two Secret Service guys on either side of him also asking them to back off.

When all was said and done, we were walking back to the car and Anthony said to me, "So, did you shake his hand?" and I said "You know what? I have no idea."

I was so worried about Zoe and I was freaking out because she was freaking out, that the whole thing was just a blur.

Lucky for me, Anthony had my phone...and he was trying to take pictures, but instead was taking videos by accident.  So check it out...Zoe (and me I guess...haha) got to meet the President. Listen carefully and you will hear him say her name. :)

No matter how this election turns out tonight...thank you for reading my blog. I hope that I helped you in coming to some decisions about who you ultimately voted for or that I helped you find some much needed information.

And with that...have a good night. I'll find something "lighter" to write about later this week.


KJ said...

It's definitely a pretty cool story. I'll just be happy when tonight is over and tomorrow starts a new day. In four years, we get to do this all over again. :)

Kris said...

that is the most awesome thing i've ever seen and heard! sooooo jealous!

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