Monday, November 05, 2012

Politics - Who I Am Voting For

I previously wrote about who I am NOT voting for and I have many more reasons than what I wrote about last week but I am also not the most eloquent of fact, I'm not a writer, so I found a few more articles that say it better than me. They are long, but worthy of a read if you can take the time.

The Case Against Romney -

The Romney-Ryan Media Blackout -  (What are they so afraid of? Why aren't they giving interviews?)

His flip-flopping:

And one last blog. I found this blogger says it much better than me...

And this is why I want a third party (or fourth or fifth) when choosing our President. I am so disenchanted with our current two party system. My number one choice for President is Gary Johnson.

I would like nothing more than to see the Libertarian Party get the votes they need to have a real opportunity (and a fair and equal opportunity) for the Presidential bid in 2016.

BUT.  I live in a swing state. While I don't think any state is guaranteed to go one way or another, I know my vote can't be "wasted". I don't think a vote for any candidate you believe in is wasted, so I don't believe I would be wasting my vote for Gary Johnson. But I do think he can't win, so I am voting for my second choice.

I am voting for Barack Obama.
The Case for Obama -

This sign is in my front yard...yes, we are proud to have an annoyingly large sign in our yard.
And speaking of guys sick of all the advertisements (tv, radio, in your mailbox, phone calls, people coming to your door) yet?

I'm so happy that I have websites like to help me sort through all the lies and bull-crap.
I heard an ad on the radio this morning about Obama racking up trillions in debt. So I fact checked it. This link also includes an Obama ad that was misleading as well.

These ads were specifically targeted at me, so I felt the need to research it for myself.
Please remember to educate yourself before going to the polls tomorrow.

And one last thing for you....
That's the back of Zoe's head and my hair....I'll tell the story to anyone who wants to listen (or read).
Leave a comment (did you know that you can leave anonymous comments?) asking me to tell the story and I will!

Until tomorrow...I promise tomorrow will be the end of my political postings for a long time.
I'll then move on to more everyday life topics and silly things.

Yes, I'll post something silly later this week. I think we could all use a little silly once in a while.


KJ said...

As far as I am concerned, there should be no swing states. It should be by popular vote. The whole electoral college should be tossed! This day and age of computer tabulations, ALL votes should count as much as ANY other vote (regardless of the State anyone lives in).

I pray for the sake of freedom, that Obama/Biden do not win. I'd rather continue to live in a free country, not the socialist one that Obama is trying to create. :)

KJ said...

I find it a bit ironic that you felt your vote would be "wasted" if you voted your true choice. So are you saying that a vote for a "third" party candidate would be a waste?

I certainly hope that everyone did their homework as you suggested. And most important, that they go and VOTE.

Dani said...

My vote is wasted by my first choice because I live in a swing state...I completely agree with you about the electoral vote, it should be by popular vote.

And I hope everyone did their homework as well and didn't just listen to a friend, employer or spouse to make their decision.

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