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Politics - Who I Won't Vote For

Growing up, I never knew who my parents were voting for. To this day, I still don't know who they vote for. I have a feeling it's because they have opposing views. My parents would talk about work and debate different work issues...but I never heard them discuss politics or debate social issues.

Instead, my parents focused on teaching us right from wrong. They taught us not to judge or discriminate. They taught us to be fair and open-minded. They also taught us to work hard and do the right thing. I think they did a decent job raising two smart, independent, tolerant and hard-working women. I'm really proud of how I was raised and I hope to do the same with my daughter. I realize that with this election I have not exactly been doing what my parents did before me.
After this week, I will try harder. I never want my daughter to feel that she has to vote the same as me. If I raise her right, she will vote for who she thinks is best, based upon the moral center that we will have raised her with.

So this is where my social and political views come from. I do have "opposing" Democrat and Republican view points. But that is because I wasn't raised to be one side or the other. I was raised to know right from wrong.  (And I know...there are lots of gray areas...another thing my parents worked on.)

So where do I stand with our choices for President?

I will start by explaining my bottom two choices. Don't you wish we could just put in a number in order of who we would prefer? Instead of picking one, how about here is my first choice, second choice etc?  And I think that the "2nd place" person should be VP instead of a running mate, that would make for some interesting politics hmmm?

First up...Virgil H. Goode, Jr. Who? That's don't know who he is.
Please see my post from earlier this week.
I started with his website to find out who he was and I read his "Issues" page. I do like some of his ideas but he lost me at a few points. Plus no one knows who he is, he has no chance. No vote.

Next up...Mitt Romney. Oh, you know this guy? Or maybe you think you's hard to tell. He does tend to change his mind on where he stands on "the issues".  But I'm not going to discuss every single reason why I won't vote for him. Instead I will pick two. If you want to discuss more, feel free to chime in in the comments section.
First up (here is a snapshot from his website):
Now in theory, this looks pretty good. I agree, the federal government has no business dealing with this. I like that Mitt Romney wants to send most of these decisions down to the state level. (Don't like your state's laws, pick a new one!'s like moving to Canada like everyone keeps threatening to do whenever a President gets elected that they don't like! ha!)
But my problem with them picking on Planned Parenthood is that this group does so much more than provide abortions. They help with cancer screenings, birth control, mammograms and actual family know, like planning to become a parent. :) Pulling funding from this group because you don't like one thing that they do is applying your personal belief on something that is none of your business.

Next: (another snapshot from his website)

I definitely take issue with this. If he had stopped and said "the states should decide", then I could maybe tolerate his non-tolerant view points. But to me this level of discrimination is just as wrong as saying a black person and a white person can't get married.

If it's not okay to discriminate against someone getting a job based upon their sexual orientation or preference...then why is it okay to discriminate against them from wanting to get married?

This to me says that he is discriminatory (where does he stop...just with women not being allowed to make their own decisions about their bodies? or gay people not getting to have the same rights to marry (and divorce!) who they want?) and that he cannot make fair or unbiased decisions.
Nevermind the fact that he has completely flip-flopped on these issues, most particularly when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts.

I just can't trust him. I voted for him you know...when he ran for MA. Back when he supported gay rights. I agreed that we needed more business-like minded individuals (maybe an accountant..can an accountant run for President please?) and less politicians.

Mitt Romney - You do not get my vote.  I cannot trust you, I cannot believe you.

And I cannot look at my daughter and vote for someone who discriminates. What if my daughter runs into trouble someday and needs to make a difficult choice. What if my daughter grows up to be gay?
I think voting for Mitt Romney sends him a message that it's okay to discriminate...and that's not right.

I want to bring attention to one last thing. The last sentence in my first snapshot from Mitt Romney's website:
And he will nominate judges who know the difference between personal opinion and the law.
This sentence sits six paragraphs above the second snapshot from his website. I don't think Mitt Romney knows the difference between personal opinion and the law, since he wants to put his constantly changing personal opinion into our Constitution.

I cannot vote for Mitt Romney or Virgil H. Goode, Jr. It just sends the wrong message.
Discrimination is NOT okay.

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That's why Gary Johnson is the only answer.

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