Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rainy Day....

After all of my seriousness of the past few weeks....I introduce a "light" topic.

Today is a rainy day...which means my hair will do whatever it wants and it's easier for me if I don't fight with it and just let it be curly. So today is a jungle-woman crazy hair day.

What I really wanted to talk about before this rainy day (and the unseasonably warm weather we had this weekend) was that the cold dry air had arrived....which means gorgeous non-frizzy straight hair for me! :)

It also means incredibly dry skin. :(

NOTE:  I sell NYR Organic Skincare....just putting it out there, yes I am going to recommend products I sell.

I'll do that tomorrow. :)  Don't worry, I'll also tell you about other stuff I like.

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