Friday, November 30, 2012

Four down...many more to go!

Have I told everyone that I entered a Biggest Loser Weight Loss contest at work?

I can't remember...

In any case, I'm down 4 pounds! woo hoo!

I still have quite a ways to go before I reach my goal weight, but I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of the contest. It's keeping me strong and honest. (a weekly weigh in with a stranger is always on my mind when I'm eye-balling that cookie I want to eat...)

And speaking of honest...I really forgot what it felt like to be hungry. And I mean truly and really hungry. Not, "I want to eat something", but actual HUNGER.

Is it bad if you drive by a Wendy's at 9am and you wonder what time they open? ;)

I am trying the usual tricks of drinking water to make sure I'm not just thirsty. But it's just a fact of life that when you eat less than you burn...your body is going to send hunger signals to maintain your weight.

I need to get back into my old habits that I had when I lost all the weight before. Frequent small meals. Mostly protein and veggies...and lots of fiber. Healthy fats like yogurt and avocado.

Is it bad if I'm thinking about making chili this weekend....?

With the holidays upon us...let's stay strong. Make realistic goals, and stick with them.

Are you walking on a treadmill? I am! At least four nights a week. Last night I walked 7 miles (according to my treadmill). But that's indoors. On a treadmill. Not exactly the same or as hard as doing it outside. But I read an article this morning that said if you put your treadmill at a 3% incline (what does that mean? my incline is 1-10?) that it would be the same as walking guess what I'm doing tonight?

Walking at an incline.  Happy Friday everyone! See you next week!

And if you haven't checked out my other blog in a while, I'm blogging about techie gadgets. You might want to check it out if you are considering any of them for the holidays this year.

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