Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Twilight! I'm a little excited...

More "light" topics for you!

The last Twilight movie comes out this week, I'm going to throw a party. I'm very excited...and I think that is because they might have changed the ending...maybe.  Which was the only part of the entire book series that I didn't like...the very end. :)

And just in case you needed a reminder why we all love it so much:

For the men who don't want to read it...just skip to the end and read the bullet points. :)

And because I have to ask...

Team Edward or Team Jacob?  Or can't decide like me? :)

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Anonymous said...

That depends. If I am reading the book then I am Team Edward, but if I am watching the movie then I Team Jacob.

I am totally OK if Jacob never wants to wear his shirt during the movie! :)


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