Monday, December 24, 2012

And that is how it's done...

Remember my Not-Christmas Cookies?

It turns out that this project wasn't new to Zoe. At her daycare last week....they were doing the exact SAME projects! But with much better results...

The woman who takes care of Zoe and two other children during the day has many more years experience than I do when it comes to caring for children and doing all of these crafts. And she had a really good tip for me.

Model Magic Molding Compound! (Click the link below to see on Amazon)

Crayola 57-4415 Model Magic Modeling Compound, 2-lb. Bucket, Asstd Colors, Four 8-oz. Pouches
And here is the link on Crayola's page:

It's light weight and molds easily. Needless to say...after looking at the ones she made, mine went in the trash. And next year I can do this project a LOT better. :)

Check it out:

She also added glitter to her cinnamon ornaments and I really like how she looped her ribbon to hang on the tree.  Better ideas for next year....because I am definitely trying this again for next year. :)

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