Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Favorite Disney Movies

Favorite Disney Movies...almost everyone has them.

Mine fall under different categories.

I have my favorite princess movie. (First it was Sleeping Beauty...but now I love Tangled)

I have my favorite of all time. (The Lion King)

And my favorite non-cartoon. (The first Pirates of the Caribbean)

But really, I enjoy them all. I can't think of a single one that I wouldn't want to watch.  Anyone out there have one that they don't like to watch?

As my daughter gets older, I imagine she will have her favorites as well. And maybe once she picks a favorite and watches it for 100th time, I may finally have one that I don't want to watch. :)

But I think she has her first favorite.

Remember the story at Sam's Club?  Where she stopped and stared at the giant tv?

I had picked up the movie Bolt after she showed an interest in the movie (or an interest in the doggy on the tv). The first night we had the movie, I put it on for her and she didn't seem to be too into it.

But about a week or so ago, she came out carrying the movie and pointed at the case and said "dog!".
I had put her Baby Signing Time dvd's on and normally she is very happy watching those. (And so am I, it teaches her sign language!). But today she wanted me to turn Baby Signing Time off.

She brought me Bolt and said "On! on! on!" and then pointed at the tv (at Baby Signing Time) and said "Off! off! off!".  So I guessed that she wanted to watch Bolt instead.

And she sat in her chair and watched it...sort of. She walked around the house and would come back to it, but she definitely liked it.

Fast forward to last night after dinner. She grabs a couple of DVD cases (I should probably move those...) and brings me Bolt again. She points at the case and says "dog, on!"  I asked her if she would like to watch Bolt and she said yes.  (which is really cute because she says yes very clearly but in a high-pitched voice)

So I put it on. And she watched it. (Most of it this time) And when Bolt was on the screen, she would say "dog!" and when Mittens was on the screen she would say "Kitty." and when the pigeons were on the screen..."BIRDS!".  So it's teaching her animals?

By the end of the movie, she started to know that the dog's name was Bolt. Not a bad first choice for favorite movie. It has action, adventure and family. But most of has a dog.  Which is her favorite animal.

Even Oscar will watch it. :)

More on Oscar tomorrow...I heard back from the lab about his dna tests. :)

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