Thursday, December 13, 2012

Supermom alert!

I felt like Supermom last week. We had three holiday parties last weekend and I had cooked and cleaned and prepped and shopped and wrapped presents for it all.  And on top of that, when the parties got started and I got compliments on all of it...I felt great.  I felt like "Yes! I can DO this! I can work and cook and clean and be a mom! Wooo!!"

I even read a book.  From start to finish.  A few minutes squeezed in here and there.

And then I realized I gained a couple of pounds and I didn't get that extra workout I wanted to get in. And about two days later you couldn't tell that I vacuumed.  

And I felt ....defeated.  And then I started thinking about all the things I need to worry about. Which I haven't been writing about...because I can't talk about it yet. (don't worry, I will when I can, I just don't want to jinx anything)

And then I read this article, I had read it before and forgotten about it. But I came across it again this morning and it reminded me....breathe, you are fine...and for goodness sake...KEEP IT SIMPLE!

I need to read this blog post about once  a week to remind myself that I don't need to do it all:

Anthony and I had a nice dinner out with Zoe last night and on the way home we were discussing the cleaning articles I shared the other day, the one that explained how women are judged by the home they keep. And he said that couldn't be true because he wouldn't judge a woman by how clean her house was...and then he said:

"When I go to someone's house and it's spotless, yep, I judge them. I think wow, you must have no life because you spend all your time cleaning." 

He was joking, I think.

I don't know if I should be happy that he doesn't judge people....or more concerned he doesn't care about how clean the house is....hmmm.

When I'm 120 years old (I'm staying optimistic) and I'm at the end and I'm looking back on my life, I want to remember time spent with my family and experiences and places I visited. Not that I spent every minute worried about everything all the time or that the house wasn't clean.

I have a sign in my kitchen that I should probably look at more's there as a reminder.
"My house is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy."

And one in the living room:

That one helps me relax my shoulders once in a while.

I can't do it all and I shouldn't try to do it all. I should just do what my family needs me to do, and then a little extra for myself. That is all.  And be happy. And relax.

Maybe lose a few pounds. :) (sorry...had to sneak that in)


svetlana leeds said...

I could not agree more and the reminder is very helpful that we beed to keep our priorities striaght!

Lana Wallpe said...

Amen to this one! When you have kids, and your house is spotless, 95% of the time there is a mental issue at play or you have a housekeeper!! I know maybe one person who keeps her house clean and would not make it on the OCD scale in my humble opinion ;-)

TC said...

Dani, not sure if I ever told you this story but I had a friend helping move in a former roommate and he commented on how he was sort of shocked at how messy my condo was. I mean it wasn't an episode of hoarders, but there were dishes in the sink, the counters needed to be wiped down and don't even ask about my bedroom. He commented how my place is always spotless.

I kindly informed him that every time he's ever been there before was when I was entertaining and as such I cleaned up before guests arrived.

So when you see a house that looks spotless, just remember that it may look MUCH different when outside eyes aren't around to see it. :)

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