Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Not-Christmas Cookies

On Tuesday this week I made plans with a friend to join her and her children in making some Christmas tree ornaments. Our plans were to make salt-dough hand print ornaments and cinnamon ornaments.

These were craft ideas we had found online, through other moms on facebook and pinterest and all those other good, crafty ideas sites. Now, for me, these ideas always sound really great.

But like most of these ideas...they look better on paper than when actually done. :)

You have to picture the scenario...

Two eager moms...three hungry and slightly excited children.
Let's not forget the Labrador who was also hungry and excited.

We decided to start with the cinnamon ornaments. We were hoping we could make hand print ornaments with the cinnamon dough and be done with our project. That didn't work. It takes a LOT of cinnamon and some apple sauce to make these ornaments and we had a mini cloud of cinnamon in the kitchen while mixing the dough.

Of course the house smelled delicious! And even though the ingredients were apple sauce and cinnamon...these are not edible ornaments. Only, they smell like cookies. And they kinda look like cookie dough...and the kids were hungry.

Lucky for us, my friend's husband came home and got some mac and cheese started for the kids because at this point, they were all chanting they were hungry. (Eat! Cracker! More! Cookies!)

The cinnamon dough wasn't the right consistency to make hand print ornaments, so we moved on to the salt dough recipe. Now this recipe worked much better for making hand prints...but they still smelled good..and they still looked like cookies...and the house still smelled like cinnamon. A LOT.

Has anyone tried making these and successfully convinced their toddlers that these are NOT cookies?
Take a look:

Here you go hungry kids...touch these, make a nice neat hand print....and don't eat! haha. :)
Once we tortured them with making hand prints in the sticky dough...that they were not allowed to touch or eat otherwise...we moved on to the cinnamon ornaments.

For these we decided we would just cut with a cookie cutter. And of course through out this ...the kids were right on our tails. And they probably asked us about three times a piece (3 x 3) if they could eat these cookies:
They do look like cookies don't they?
But not edible. (too much cinnamon)

We realized about 3/4 of the way through our progress that if we do this again we should also make real cookies...and maybe make the real cookies first and then move on to these non-edible ornaments.

Of course, we probably could have tried eating them, they just wouldn't have tasted very good. :)

Want the recipes for yourself?
Salt Dough Ornaments:

Cinnamon Ornaments:

I'll be honest...I'm looking at my hand print ornaments...I won't be painting them. (not enough time) And I'm probably not going to seal them. (too lazy and scared of the hobby store this time of year)

But I think the MOST fun part....was hanging out with my friend and having our children play together, can't wait to do it again soon!  (or, um..maybe next year...we can hang out soon, let's just try the ornaments that are not Christmas cookies next year.) :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

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