Monday, December 10, 2012

Women vs Men: Cleaning Style!

I read a great article this morning. It put a lot about my life into perspective.

To be honest, it actually made me relax my shoulders a little bit. I felt a little bit better about myself.

It's an article about Housekeeping.


This article was discussing the differences between men and women when it came to housework. And I realized that I wasn't alone in how I felt about the housework. And it even explained some of my "craziness" about keeping a neat and tidy house. It was like a giant light bulb going off above my head!

And it also made me understand a little bit better how my hubby's brain might be working on the same subject matter.

But the best part? I don't always articulate my point of view very well. In fact, I tend to lose a lot of arguments because I'm not very good at representing my opinions logically or with fact when having a "discussion" with my hubby.

So when I run across an article that just says it so much better than me....I get a little excited.

Here you go, here's the article:

(I'm amused at the term "chore wars".)

Now if I can just get Anthony to read this house might get cleaner.  And I might learn to relax and not try to make it perfect. :)

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Chris H said...

Hey hey now, I do more than my fair share of cleaning! I know that's not the "norm", but I like to buck the trend! :D

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