Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Starbucks Teavana?

Whoa. Mind Blown.

Did you read that story?

I love Starbucks..and I don't even drink coffee. I think I just like the coffee house vibe. Maybe I'm a wannabe hipster. I do like their tea drinks (especially a chai tea latte) and the Cool Lime Refresher.

But even more than Starbucks...I love Teavana.  You've probably seen them in the mall. Did you know you can try their tea for free? They usually have 4-5 samples to try. This is all to sucker you into buying some of it of course. And it isn't cheap!  But I always stop and sample.  Sometimes I buy.
I have one of the fancy teapots that they sell too...but don't tell, I got it cheaper on Amazon:

I have one similar to that in blue.

So why am I excited? Because I LOVE that tea, but it's a little pricey. And I have to battle the mall to go get a taste of it. If there was a teavana tea house that I could visit....oooh, that would be nice.

Anthony took me to a fancy tea house in Portland, ME:

That place is definitely worth a visit if you like tea.  We sat on the floor in one of their Japanese style tables. I can't remember the name of the tea I got there. What I do remember is that it RUINED all other teas for me. It was so smooth, no bitterness at all. Awww...would love some more of that tea...

I think it was this one:
Our most famous: dark oolong tea shaken with organic simple syrup produces a frothy “head” like a draft beer, but it’s tea only here! Named after the Czech Republic’s famous Staropramen Brewery and Borsov street where Dobra’s second tearoom was located and where this drink was created.  It has a roasted, slightly tannic flavor and is a great thirst quencher. An excellent iced “cocktail”.
I could be wrong. A really good tea is expensive and takes time and care while brewing. It needs to be the exact temperature and steep time for the leaves in the drink. And Teavana does it right ALL the time.

Hmmm...might have to go find a Teavana on my way home today and maybe soon I can find one in my local Starbucks! Until then...must visit Portland again soon...


Anonymous said...

Was just at Teavana. I didn't know that Starbucks had bought them until I went to buy a large quantity of my favorite blend. Starbucks RUINED my favorite blend. After X-mas all Teavana Teas were removed. Starbucks then sent back DIFFERENT teas with the same name. I loved the SAMURAI CHAI MATE mixed with WHITE AYURVEDIC CHAI. The red peppercorns are missing from the White Ayuvedic Chai and not sure what else. It also appears the blue pieces from the Samarai Chai are missing. Instead of buying a pound of the mix, I tried one cup. It was horrible, bland, and nothing like the amazing blend I used to love.

I personally have always HATED Starbucks coffee and tea, because they are BITTER and nasty. Starbucks has now ruined TEAVANA. It is so upsetting. I will never find that blend again as the only store that carried it was Teavana. It is now gone forever.

The website has not been changed so the tea pictured and the description do not match the product they are trying to pass off. Here are the ingredients and links, so you can check for yourself:

Price reflects 2oz (25-30 teaspoons per 2oz)
Product Rating

Journey to India and take in all its exotic pleasures with this modern twist on a sweet and spicy classic. High quality white tea combines with cinnamon, coconut, pineapple, ginger, cardamom, and cloves giving this tea complex, sweet, full-bodied flavor. This proud chai's aroma and spicy flavors deliver a melange of deliciousness sip after heavenly sip. CONTAINS NUTS. Naturally sweet cinnamon with spicy pepper and robust clove

Price reflects 2oz (25-30 teaspoons per 2oz)
Product Rating

The way of the warrior is strength, skill, fairness, mercy, power, energy, and balance. Our chai embodies this spirit and is mysteriously more delicious with a caffeine-rich green mate & green rooibos blend. Cinnamon, anise, cardamom, and almond are fortified with papaya and pineapple, orange, and lemongrass- all combined to face every new day full of strength and energy. SUPERFRUIT ENHANCED. CONTAINS NUTS.
Sweet and spicy infusion of cinnamon and citrus undertones

Dani Vello said...
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Dani Vello said...

I wish your comment wasn't Anonymous...I would love to chat more about this...I didn't realize they changed it. :(

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